Chapter 8 Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Marketing that incorporates the components of e-commerce, internet marketing, mobile marketing, and social media
Selling goods and services on the internet
Cyber bait
A type of lure or attraction that brings people to a website
Interactive Marketing
The development of marketing programs that create interplay between consumers and businesses
Content Marketing (or Branded Content)
Providing useful information and product use solutions to potential customers
Advertising designed to reach customers where they are located based on contacting their mobile communication devices
Behavioral Targeting
Using web data to identify and target individuals most likely to purchase an item
Dwell Rate
Measures the proportion of ad impressions that resulted in users clicking an ad or mousing over it
Dwell Time
Measures the amount of time individuals spend engaged with an advertisement
The online musings of an individual or group; the term is derived from “web logs”
Mini-applications embedded in a banner ad that permit a consumer access to some form of dynamic content provided by an external source other than the company where the ad resides
Brand Spiraling
The practice of using traditional media to promote and attract consumers to a website
Personalized URL’S (PURLs)
A personalized web page preloaded with the customer’s personal data, contact information, purchase behavior, and previous interactions with the company
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The process of increasing the probability of a particular company’s website emerging from a search
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