Chapter 8 – Chemistry Questions And Answers Flashcard

chemical bond
the force that holds two atoms together
a positively charged ion
a negative ion
ionic bond
electrostatic force that holds oppositely charged particles together
ionic compound in aqueous solution that conducts an electric current
lattice energy
energy required to separate one mole of an ionic compound
formula unit
simplest ratio of ions represented in an ionic compound
monatomic ion
a one-atom ion
oxidation number
charge of a monatomic ion
polyatomic ion
ions made up of more than one atom
polyatomic ion composed of an element bonded to one or more oxygen atoms
electron sea model
all metal atoms donate their valence electrons
delocalized electrons
are free to move throughout the solid
metallic bond
attraction of a metallic cation for delocalized electrons
mixture of elements that has metallic properties

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