Chapter 7 & 8

Chemical Bond
The Force That Holds Two Atoms Together
A Positively Charged Ion
A Negatively Charged ion
Ionic Bond
Electrostatic Force That Holds Oppositely Charged Particles Together In An Ionic Compound.
Ionic Compounds
Compounds That Contain Ionic Bonds
Crystal Lattice
A Three Demensional Geometric Arrangment Of Particles.
An Ionic Compund Whose Aqueous Solution Conducts An Electric Current.
Lattice Energy
Energy Required To Seperate 1Mol Of The ions Of An Ionic Compound
Formula Unit
Represents The Simplest Ratio Of The Ions Involved.
Monatomic Ion
A One-Atom Ion, Indicates The Charges Of Common Monatomic Ions
Oxidation Number
The Charge Of A monatomic Ion
Polyatomic Ions
Ions Made Up Of More Than One Atom
A Polyatomic Ion Composed Of An Element, Usually A Non Metal.
Electron Sea Model
Proposes That All The Metal Atoms In A Metallic Solid Contribute Their Valence Electrons to Form A “Sea”Of Electrons .
Delocalized Electrons
Free To Move
Metallic Bond
The Attraction Of A Metallic Cation For Delocalized Electrons
A Mixture Of Elements That Has Metallic PRoperties.
Covalent Bond
The Chemical Bond That REsults From SHaring Valence Electrons
Formed When 2 Or More Atoms Bond Covalently
Lewis Structure
Represent The Arrangment Of Electrons In A Molecule
Sigma Bonds
Single COvalent Bonds
Pi Bond
Forms When Parallel Orbitals Overlap And Share Electrons
Endothermic Reaction
Occurs When A Greater Amount Of Energy Is Required To Break The Existing Products
Exothermic Reaction
Occurs When More ENergy Is Released During Bond Formatioan
An Acid That Contains Both A Hydrogen Atom And Oxyanion
Structural Formula
Uses Letter Symbols And Bonds To SHow Relative Positions Of Atoms
A COndition That occurs When More Than One Valid Lewis Structure Can Be Written For a Molecule Or Ion.
Cooridinate Covalent Bond
Forms When One Atom Donates Od The ElectronsOr To Be Shared With An Atom Or Ion
Model Used To Determine The Molecular Shape
A Process In Which Atomic Orbitals Mix ANd Form New Identical Hybrid Orbitals
Polar Covalent Bond
Unequal Sharing

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