chapter 7 terms records management

records retention program
a program established and maintained to provide retention periods for records in an organization.
records retention schedule
a comprehensive list of records series titles, indicating for each the length of time it is to be maintained.
records inventory
a detailed listing that could include the types, locations, dates, volume, equipment, classification systems, and usage date of an organization records.
radio frequency identification (RFID)
a technology that incorporates the use of an electromagnetic or electrostatic radio frequency to identify an object, animal, or person.
official record
a significant vital, or important record of continuing value to be protected, managed, and retained according to established retention schedules.
record copy
the official copy of a record that is retained for legal operational or historical purposes.
office of records
an office designated to maintain the record or official copy of a particular record.
an item that is not usually included within the scope of official records such as a day file, reference materials, and drafts.
records series
a group of related records filed and used together as a unit and evaluated as a unit for retention purposes
retention period
the time that records must be kept according to operational, legal, regulatory, and fiscal requirements
records center
a low cost centralized area for housing and servicing inactive records whose reference rates do not warrant their retentioin in a prime office space
ther process of location and removing a record or dile from storage or accessing information from stored data on a computer system
a written request for a record or information from a record
pick list
a list containing specific records needed for a given program or project
on call/wanted form
a written request for a record that is out of the file
charge out
a control procedure to establish the current location of record when it is not the records center or central file, which can be a manual or automated system
follow up
a system for assuring the timely and proper return of materials charged out from a file
charge out log
a written or electronic form filed by dates that records are dueback in the inactive records center
records transfer
the act of changing the physical custody of records with or without change of legal title or moving them from one storage area to another
records disposition
the final destination of records after they have reached the end of their retention period
records that are perserved because of their historical or continuing value; also the building or area where archival materials are stored
active records
frequently used records needed to perform current operations
inactive records
records that do not have to be readily available but which much be kept for legal fiscal or historical purposes
archive records
records that have continuing or historical value and are preserved permanentlyby an organization
perpetual transfer method
a method of transferring records continuously from active to inactive stoage areas whenever they are no longer needed for reference
periodic transfer method
a method of transfrerring active records at the end of a stated period of time usually 1 year to inactive stroage
one period transfer method
a method fo transferring records from active storage at the end of one period of time usually once or twice a year to inactive storage
records center box
a box designed to hold approximately one cubic foot or records either legal or letter size
a systematic guide that allows access to specific items contained within a larger body of information
inactive records index
an index of all records in the inactive records storage center
charge-out and follow up file
a tickler file that contains requisition froms filed by dates that records are due back in the inactive records center
records destruction
the disposal of no further value beyond and possible reconstruction
destruction date file
a tickler file containing copies of forms completed when records are received in a records center
destruction notice
a notification fo the scheduled destruction of records
destruction suspension
a hold placed on the scheduled destruction of records
destruction file
a file that contains information on the actual destruction of inactive records

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