Chapter 7

a collection of comps
Star Network
one center comp, all others access each other thru center
RIng Network
each comp can access each other comp
Bus Network
linear one-way connection of all comps to one line
separate server comp accessed by others that arent servers
your comp acts like to server to other comps like yours
local area network. small geographic area
wide area network. large geographic area.
closed private network
private network with some public access ability
virtual private network. private/secure network path across public network
Network Interface Card or Network Adapter
one method that allows computers to connect to a network
transmits all data received to all network devices conected to it, regardless of which device the data is being sent to
central device of a wired network; identify which device is the one the data is intended for, unlike hubs
connects multiple networks. send data to planned recipient only.
wireless access point
device used to grant network access to wireless client devices
wireless router
usually combines capabilities of router, switch, and wireless access point into one and allows wireless networks to connect to wired networks
how do analog signals work?
continuous waves
how do digital signals work?
1s and 0s that each represent data
what is wavelength
the distance between two points in the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave
what is amplitude
The height of a wave
what is frequency
the number of occurrences within a given time period
what is bandwidth AKA throughput
the amount of data that can be transferred in a given time period
what is a modem
a device that enables a computer to communicate over analog networking media, like connecting to the internet via telephone lines
Twisted pair cable
thin strands of insulate wire twisted together. Least expensive. In use the longest. Analog and digital capable. Common for LANs.
Coaxial Cable
originally made for large video transmissions. thick center wire insulated. more expensive. less susceptible to interference, carries more data faster. used for cable TV, short telephone transmissions, computer networks
Fiber Optic cable
newest and fastest. multiple fiber/glass strands. sends data by light pulses at bns of bits per sec. high-speed backbone of networks, internet infrastructure, some biz and home, etc.
how do wireless networks work
most use radio signals. can be short range like mouse to comp, medium like comp to a hotspot, or long like giant wireless hotspots or cell phone coverage
Ethernet protocol
the most widely used standard for wired nets. typically used with LANs that have star topology but can be used with WANs and MANs
metropolitan area network.
TCP/IP protocol
most widely used comms protocol today. Used to transfer data over Internet. uses two protocols (TCP and IP). Uses packet switching to transmit data.
Packet switching
technique used for sending data over Internet. msgs are separated into small units (packets) which contain info about sender and receiver, msg data, and how to reassemble pkts. pkts travel over nets separately, reassembled by destination comps.
network software
defines protocol btw. two comps or across comps in a network
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