Chapter 7

Which version of Internet Explorer comes with Windows 7?
IE 8
What of the following is included with Internet Explorer 8 that enables the browser to display older pages properly?
Compatibility View
Which add-on enables users to send text or other media that you select in an IE browser window to another application, such as an email client, or an Internet resource, such as a blog?
What of the following is based on a push technology used with Internet Explorer that notifies you when a Web site is changed?
Which of the following is used to help prevent attackers that penetrate the computer’s defense from accessing vital system components?
Protected mode
Which of the following configures Internet Explorer to only low-integrity disk locations, such as the Temporary Internet Files and the standard IE storage areas, including the History, Cookies, and Favorites folders?
Protected mode
You are visiting a Web site that worked fine when you were using Internet Explorer 6 on a Windows XP machine. However, you suspect that this Web site is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8’s protected mode. Which of the following should you NOT do when troubleshooting this problem?
Run Internet Explorer as a domain administrator.
Which of the following is NOT an available security zone found in Internet Explorer?
Custom Sites
Which security zone used in Internet Explorer provides the most elevated set of privileges?
Trusted Sites
Which security zone used in Internet Explorer is used for all Web sites that are not listed in the other three zones?
Which security zone used in Internet Explorer and usually used by local Web sites does not run in protected mode and has significant access to the system, including the ability to run certain scripts?
Local Intranet
What technology is used with IE 8 to help defend against phishing?
SmartScreen Filtering
What feature found in Internet Explorer 8 enables you to surf the Internet without leaving any record of your activities?
InPrivate Filtering
You open Internet Options in Internet Explorer 8.0. Which tab do you use to enable or disable the pop-up blocker?
Which of the following is used in Internet Explorer and is a text file that contains information about you and your web-surfing habits that a Web site maintains on your computer?
How do you know if you are using SSL while browsing with Internet Explorer?
You have a gold lock in the address bar.
When using SSL communications, the public key is stored in a _________.
Digital certificate
What program that comes with Windows 7 is a wizard-based solution that users or administrators can use to automatically configure an executable file to use an appropriate Windows 7 compatibility mechanism?
Program Compatibility Troubleshooter
When you open the properties of an executable file, which of the following is NOT a compatibility mode setting?
Run This Program in Black and White
You have a program that ran on your Windows XP machine that was running SP2. You try to install the program on Windows 7, but it does not run. What should you try first to overcome this problem?
Configure a Windows emulation mode.
For application incompatibilities that are not readily solvable with the Windows 7 compatibility mode settings, Microsoft has released the ________________________, a collection of programs that enables administrators to gather information about incompatibilities between specific applications and Windows 7 and create customized solutions that enable those applications to run
Application Compatibility Toolkit
A compatibility fix, formerly known as a _________, is a software component that sits between an application and the operating system.
What specialized program collects compatibility information for web pages and web-based applications?
Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool
If you have a program that ran in Windows XP but does not run in Windows 7, what should you load to run the program?
Windows XP Mode
Software Restriction policies and AppLocker are configured through __________.
Group policies
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