chapter 6 key terms–records management

the placement of records, according to a plan, on a shelf or in a file drawer or saving an electronic record
Storage method
a systematic way of storing records according to an alphabetic, subject, numeric, geographic, or chronologic plan
alphabetic records management
a method of storing and arranging records according to the letters of the alphabet
a rigid divider used to identify a section in a file and to facilitate reference to a particular record location
a projection for a caption on a folder or guide that extends above the regular height or beyond the regular width of the folder or guide
primary guide
a divider that identifies a main divison or section of a file and always precedes all other material in a section
special (auxiliary) guide
a divider used to lead the eye quickly to a specific place in a file
the location of the tab across the top or down one side of a guide or folder
general folder
a folder for all records to and from correspondents with a small volume of records that does not require an individual folder
individual folder
a folder used to store the records of an individual correspondent with enough records to warrant a separate folder.
special folder
a folder that follows a special guide in an alphabetic arrangement
suspension(hanging) folder
a folder with built-in hooks on each side that hang from parallel metal rails on each side of a file drawer or other storage equiptment.
follower block (compression)
a device at the back of a file drawer that can be moved to allow contraction or expansion of the drawer contents
OUT indicator
a control device such as a guide sheet or folder that shows the location of borrowed records
a device that contains the name of the subject or number assigned to the file folder or section contents
a title, heading, short explanation, or description of a document or records
direct access
a method of accessing records by going directly to the file without first referring to an index or list of names for location in the files
color coding
using color as an indetifying aid in a filing system to divide the alphabetic sections in the storage system
color accenting
the consistent use of different colors for different supplies in the storage system, such as guides, folders, OUT indicators, ande labels
checking a record to determine whether it is ready to be filed
release mark
an agreed-upon mark such as initials or a symbol placed on a record to show that the record is ready for storage
arranging records in the sequence in which they are to be filed or stored
placing records into storage containers
tickler file
a date-sequenced file by which matters pending are flagged for attention on the proper date

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