Chapter 6. Essays: the Alien and Sedition Acts, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

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Were the Alien and Sedition Acts true to American ideals? Explain your answer. Think About:
• the purpose of these acts
• how they were put to use
• the First Amendment to the Constitution
No, they were used to stop foreign people not how America gives:
-To make it harder for immigrants to get into the US – Alien Act Sedition Act – was to impose jail time and fines for anyone lying about the government. Many Federalist were afraid France was going to overthrow the U.S.
-People were jailed/deported
-Went against the first amendment (speech)
Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were brilliant advocates of very different visions of what America should be. Compare and contrast their visions. Think About:
• the role of a strong central government versus state and local governments
• who should play a leading role in government
• how best to protect individuals’ rights
-Strong National governement
-Wanted wealthy people to govern
-Protected by laws
-Strong state government
-Wanted ordinary people to govern
-Laws should be removed
Describe the origins of the two-party system. Do you think the development of political parties was good for the nation at the time? Why or why not? Think About:
• the conflicting views of Jefferson and Hamilton
• regional support for these differing views
• Washington’s desire to unify his cabinet
• results of the 1796 election
The two party system was started when there was a split in Washington’s cabinet. At the time leaders were worried about national unity with two parties. They thought it would divide the country. The conflicting views of Jefferson and Hamilton is what divided Washington’s cabinet. Washington wanted to unify his cabinet. he felt this division was distracting and opened the door to corruption. Washington lost the election of 1796.
Explain the Native American response to westward expansion between 1790 and 1815. Why did their attempts to preserve their homelands fail? Think About:
• Sacajawea and the Lewis and Clark expedition
• Little Turtle and the Miami Confederacy
• Tecumseh’s confederacy
• alliances with the British
-Sacajawea helped Lewis and Clark on their journey, but most natives were not happy.
-Little Turtle was angry, wanted to find a confederacy of natives.
-Tecumseh’s confederacy formed to stop U.S. from taking over thier land
-Native ally with British to retaliate against the U.S.
Compare and contrast the presidencies of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. How did their main actions as president reflect their different ideas about the role of federal government? Think About:
• the Supreme Court
• the Alien and Sedition Acts
• **economic programs
• the Louisiana Purchase
-Adams wanted Supreme Court
-Adams did not want natives in U.S. Jefferson thinks it is a misuse of power.
-**Jefferson thought that a national bank was unconstitutional
-Jefferson wanted to expand the nation.
Identify the causes of the War of 1812. Do you think the war was justified? Evaluate its effects on the developing nation. Think About:
• the blockade of Napoleon’s Europe
• Britain’s policy of impressment
• Tecumseh’s confederacy
-British seized us ships
-Forced them to be in the British army (impressment). British supplied arms to Native Americans vs. U.S. war hawks, who wanted a war with Britain. Madison went to war to protect overseas trade. British forced blockade in french ports.
-Collapse of Tecumseh confederacy opened up us territory.

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