Chapter 6 – Brand Positioning Strategy Decisions

The way companies set themselves apart from competitors by segmenting their product within a broad target market.
Market Positioning Strategy
Firm finds desired market. The marketing mix is then designed to fit within the market. The MPS is used as a guideline to determine the direction of the firm’s price, product, distribution, and marketing communications.
Market Position
The beliefs (unintended or intended) that a customer has about an organization.
Brand Position
Belief held in the minds of the target audience. It is the intended image of a brand when compared to a competing brand.
Brand Positioning Strategy
Part of IMC, determines content of the Advertising Message. Required by the creative strategy.
Salient Beliefs
Beliefs regarding specific attributes and benefits that the customer holds. These beliefs form the attitude the customer will have. Evolves over time.
Brand Positioning Strategy Process
1. Develop Market Position
2. Assess competitors’ positions
3. Assess brand position
4. Determine Brand Position Strategy
5. Implement BPS
6. Monitor BPS
BPS Options
– End benefits
– Brand name
– Usage situation
– Product category
Differential Positioning
Has a product benefit focus
Central Positioning
The brand claims and delivers on most salient beliefs. Not easy to achieve & works best with companies that have a long history or a strong brand name
User Positioning
When the individual is motivated for social or individual reasons. Focuses on how user will FEEL when using the product or service
Multi-Attribute Model
1. Influence Attribute Beliefs
2. Influence Attribute Importance
3. Add new attribute belief
4. Influence attribute belief about competing brands
Informational Motive
Negatively based
Transformational Motives
To improve from neutral
Brand Repositioning Strategy Options
– Market definition
– Differential Advantage
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