Chapter 6

Which of the following wired broadband connections does NOT require a modem?
Which is the slowest method of connecting to the internet?
Which broadband connection method uses a phone line shared between voice and data transfer?
Which of the following is NOT a broadband connection to the Internet?
It transmits data using light.
What makes fiber-optic a unique broadband option?
It is available in rural areas, even when other broadband connections are not.
Which of the following is an advantage of a satellite connection to the internet?
For a fee, Boingo offers ______ service.
Which connection provides the fastest transfer speeds when you connect to the Internet?
It requires a modem
Which one of the following statements about a cable internet connection is TRUE?
3G and 4G refer to ________ broadband connections
Most home networks use the ______ protocol
Which of the following is currently the fastest wireless protocol?
To share an Internet connection with multiple devices on a home network, you need to connect a _____ to your cable/DSL modem
broadband modem, router, computers, and TV’s
When setting up a network, which of the following is the suggested order for turning on the equipment?
Category 6 is an example of a _________ used to connect wired network devices
If your router does not have enough wired ports to add more devices, you can install a _______ to add extra ports to your network
Cables are not required
Which of the following is TRUE about a wireless network?
connect to a wireless network without the owner’s permission
Piggybackers are those who ______
break into computer systems creating mischief or stealing information
Hackers are those who ________
A(n) ________ address is a specific/unique number for each network adapter
A _____ is hardware or software that protects a wired network form intruders
protocol that use encryption to protect wireless transmissions
WEP and WPA are examples of __________
Changing the default router password
What is an important safety precaution for preventing unauthorized access to your router?
Activating packet switching
Which of the following is NOT used to protect a wireless network?
Limiting wireless signal range
Which of the following helps to protect a wireless network?
You can connect to any wireless network your computer detects
Which of the following is FALSE?
Router firmware should be kept up to date
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
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