Chapter 6

Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
Internet backbone
The main pathway of high-speed communications lines over which all Internet traffic flows.
Network Service Providers
Backbone links and routers
Network Access Points
NSP equipment and links
nternet service provider
Is a company that offers Internet access to individuals, businesses, and smaller ISPs
Is the primary protocol suite responsible for message transmission on the Internet
Static IP Address
Permanent IP Address
Dynamic IP Address
Temporary IP Adress
Domain Name
Is a key component of Web page addresses and e-mail addresses
The Elapsed time for data to make a round trip from point A to point B back to Point A
Asymmetric Internet connection
When upstream speeds differ from downstream speeds
Symmetric Internet connection
When upstream and downstream speeds are the same
dial-up connection
A fixed Internet connection that uses a voiceband modem and telephone lines
voiceband modem
converts the signals from your computer into audible analog signals that can travel over telephone lines
is a high-speed, digital, always-on Internet access technology that runs over standard phone lines
Cable Internet service
Is a means of distributing always-on broadband Internet access.
Cable modems
convert your computer’s signal into one that can travel over the CATV network
Satellite Internet service
distributes always-on, high- speed asymmetric Internet
Satellite modem
is a device that modulates data signals from a computer into a frequency band
Fixed wireless Internet service
broadcasts data signals in order to offer Internet access to large areas
Portable Internet access
is the ability to easily move your Internet service from one location to another
Mobile Internet access
offers a continuous Internet connection as you are walking or riding in a bus, car, train, or plane
Wi-Fi hotspot
is an area in which the public can access a Wi-Fi network that offers Internet service
mobile broadband
cellular service providers offer data services
is a brand name for a compact, mobile, wireless router offered by Novatel Wireless
Cloud computing
Depends on a grid of servers, storage devices, and protocols that offer Internet-accessible computing services
Real- time messaging system
Allows people to exchange short messages while they are online
is a technology in which a broadband Internet connection is used to place telephone calls instead of the regular phone system
Internet forum
Web-based online discussion site where participants post comments to discussion threads
allows participants to modify posted material
is similar to an online diary; it is maintained by a person, company or organization and contains a series of entries on one or more topics.
is a short message of 140 characters or less, posted to the Twitter Web site
grid computing system
s a network of computers harnessed together to perform processing tasks
P2P file sharing
allows users to obtain files from other users located anywhere on the Internet
is a file sharing protocol that distributes the role of file server across a collection of dispersed computers
is any access to data or programs by hackers, criminals, or other unauthorized persons
communications port
is the doorway that allows a computer to exchange data with other devices
port probe
uses automated software to locate computers that have open ports
A firewall
is software or hardware designed to filter out suspicious packets attempting to enter or leave a computer
are intended to work within LANs to monitor and direct packets being transported from one device to another
routable IP address
is one that can be accessed by packets on the Internet
A private IP address
is a non-routable IP address that can be used within a LAN, but not for Internet data transport
Network address translation
is the process your router uses to keep track of packets
virtual private network
access to a remote access server in the corporate office
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