CHAPTER 5 Veterinary Office Management

who holds the ultimate responsiblity within the facility?
what is the education of a veterinarian?
– four years of a pre vet program resulting in a bachelor of science degree
in the united states vet schools must be american veterinary medical association
who sets the standards for smell companion animal hospitals?
american animal hospital association
what is the test called that veterinarians are required to take
state board examination
who are the people that have specialized training in areas of veterinary health and surgical care of many types of animals species.
veterinary technicians and veterinary technologists
what does a veterinary technician need to grauate with?
two year associates degree
what is a veterinary assistant?
its a member of a team who is trained to help the veterinarian and veterinary technician
vet assistants are what?
crossed trained which means they are capable of working in every area of the veterinary hospital and of completing many duties and responsibilities?
what is a veterinary hospital manager?
its a person in charge of the internal working of the facility.
what is a kennel attendant?
a person in charge of the kennels and animal wards within the facility.
what is the proper and professional dress code in MOST veterinary facilities?
professional scrub uniforms including tops and pants. some may wear lab coats to prevent clothing from tearing and get contaminated?
what is the treatment area also called?
sometimes called the prep area
what is the radiology room?
a specific are that meets vetinary regulations for use of radiation and special chemicals tpp devlop x rays.
what is a surgical suite?
its aother specialized area that houses the surgery table, anesthesia machine, and instruments and equipment
what is an invoice?
a bill that outlines the fees that the client must pay.
what is a tavel sheet?
a list of codes according to the procedure or service.
what would be the estimate?
is the details that approximate the cost of procedures that are required by the patient.
what allows clients to obtain a line of credit specifically to pay the costs owed to the veterinary clinic?
credit applications
what is the gross pay of an employee?
the total amount earned by the employee BEFORE tax deductions
what is the net pay?
the otal amount earned by the employee AFTER tax deductions
what does inventory management involve?
knowing how much of each drug or supply is currently in the hospital.
who has to keep track of the inventory on consumable products?
the veterinary assistant
what is the first step to do when orders arrive?
open the box and locate the PACKING SLIP.
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