Chapter 5 Test



Give an example of an electron configuration that belongs to an element that is NOT chemically reactive.





Ex. 1s22s22p63s23p6


In the compound sodium flouride, NaF, the sodium atom loses one electron and the fluorine atom gains one electron to form ions that have electron configurations similar to _____. 







In many compounds, atoms of main group elements form ions so that the number of electrongs in the outermost energy levels of each ion is ___.






The electron configuration of nitrogen is 1s22s22p3. How many more electrongs does nitrogen need to have an electron configuration similar to neon?







Atoms of copper and iron






tend to form cations.




An anion _____.




is an ion with a negative charge.



When an octet rule is satisfied, the outermost _____ are filled.




s and p orbitals



The elements of the ____ group satisfy the octet rule without forming compounds.




noble gas



Once an atom has full

s and p orbitals in its outermost

energy level, ___________________.





it has a stable octet and is unreactive.



An ion and its parent atom have the same _________.




Atomic Number



The energy released when a salt is formed from gaseous ions is called the ______.



Lattice energy



The lattice energy is a measure of the ____________.




strength of an ionic bond



If the lattice energy of compound A is greater than that of compound B, then ______________.



the bonds in the compound A are stronger than the bonds in compound B.



When ions are formed,





energy can be released or absorbed.



When an electron is added to an atom,





energy is usually released.




What is not a property of an ionic compound?




Low boiling point



Compared with ionic compounds, molecular compounds _______.




have lower melting points.



The melting point of ionic compounds are higher than the melting points of molecular compounds because _______.



attractive forces between ions are greater than the attractive forces between molecules.



Because ions are more strongly attracted in an ionic compound than molecules are attracted in molecular compounds, the melting points of ionic compounds are _____.




higher than the melting points of molecular compounds.



Ionic compounds are brittle because the strong attractive forces ____.



cause the compound to vaporize easily.



In the NaCl crystal, each Na+ and Cl ion has clustered around it ____ of the oppositely charged ions.







In a crystal of an ionic compound, each cation is surrounded by _____.






A compound that has the same number of positive and negative charges is said to be ______.







What is the ratio of cations to anions in a compound composed of sodium ions, Na+  and carbonate ions?




2 to 1



The indium(II) ion and the indium(III) ion





have charges of of 2+ and 3+, respectively.




What is the metallic ion in the compound CuCl2?







What is the formula for the compound formed by calcium ions, Ca2+, and chloride ions, Cl?







The chemical formula for an ionic compound represents the ______.




simplest ratio of ions that results in an electrically neutral compound.




The symbol HCO3 represents a ____.




polyatomic ion




A comparison of calcium sulfate and calcium sulfite shows that _______.




both have a monatomic cation and a polyatomic anion.




What is the formula for the compound formed by lead(II) ions and chromate ions, CrO42-?







What is the formula for the compound formed by aluminum(III) and the sulfate ion, SO42-?








What is the formula for the compound

formed by tin(IV) and the chromate ion,








What is the formula for the compound formed by the barium ion, Ba2+, and the hydroxide ion, OH?






Name the compound Ni(ClO3)2




nickel chlorite



Name the compound Zn3(PO4)2




zinc phosphate




Name the compound Hg2(NO3)2



mercury(I) nitrate



Name the compound KClO3-




potassium chlorate



Name the compound Fe(NO2)2-




iron(II) nitrate




Name the compound CuCO3-




copper(II) carbonate



What is the name of Sn3(PO4)4




tin(IV) phosphate



The name of a polyatomic ion that contains hydrogen begins with the term ______.







The tendancy of atoms of elements to gain or lose electrons so that their outer s and p orbitals are filled with eight election is called the ______.




octet rule




An electron that occupoes the outermost energy level of an atom is know as a(n) _______.




valence electron




An atom or group of atoms that has an electrical charge because it has either lost or gained one or more electron is a(n) _______.








An ion that has a postive charge is ______.








An ion that has a negative chage is a(n) ____.








The ion formed by an atom of a metal is a(n) ______.








The ion formed by an atom of nonmetal element is a(n) ________.








A compound resulting from the formation of an ionic bond between a cation and an anion is a(n) _______.




salt (ionic compound)



The energy released when 1 mol of a salt is formed from gaseous ions is called the ______.




lattice energy



A repetitive geometric arrangement of ions, atoms, or molecules that forms a crystal structure is called the ______.




crystal lattice




The simplest repeating unit of

a crystal lattice is a(n)





unit cell




The crystal structure of a salt depends on the _______ of the cation and anion and the _______ of cations anions.









In naming a binary ionic compound, the name of the _____ appears first followed by the name of the _______.








The condition of having equal number of positive and negative charges is known as _______.








The name of the ion O2- is the ______.




oxide ion




the name of the ion Cu+ is the _______.




copper(I) ion




The chemical  formula for the compound potassium flouride, which contains K+ and F ions, is ____.







The chemical formula for the compound strontium sulfide, which contains Sr2+ and S2- ions, is ____.







An electrically charged group of 2 or more bonded atoms that functions as a single ion is called a(n) _______.




polyatomic ion



The chemical formula for the compound sodium chlorite, which contains Na+ and ClO2ions, is _______.







The formula for the compound ammonium sulfate, which contains ions, is ___________.





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