Chapter 5 Section1,2 Biology

Question Answer
What is the cell cycle? Regular pattern of growth, DNA duplication and cell division that occurs in the eukaryotic cell.
What are the cell cycle four main stages? Gap 1, Synthesis, Gap 2, Mitosis
What do the four main stages do? Gap 1, gap 2 and synthesis makeup interphase . Interphase under goes critcail growth and preperation for cell division . Mitosis is when the cell duplicates and cytokinesis is when the cell divides.
Is the cell cycle the same for all eukaryotic cells? Stages of the cell cycle and the proteins that control it are similar in all eukaryotic.
Do cells divide at different rates? Prokaryotic cells divide faster than eukaryotic cells.
How long does the stages take? Synthesis , G 2, Mitosis , take 12 hours. G 1 differs from cells.
What is G0? Cells unlikely divide, but normally functions.
Why is cell size important? If the cell is small not a lot of necessary organelles and molecules, if too big
Is it bad if a cell is large? Some must be large because of the large surface area.
What would happen if the cell size isn't coordinated? Cells will become too small to live.
What is a chromosome? One long continuous thread of DNA that consists of numerous genes along with regular information.
How many chromosome does your body cell have ? 46 chromosomes each.
What happens to DNA during mitosis? These changes in DNA's new organization allow a cell to carry out its necssary functions.
What is the loose combination of DNA and proteins called? chromatin
What happens to chromatin during mitosis ? As the cell progresses into mitosis, chromatin further condenses.
What are sister chromatids? Two identical chromatids.
What happens to the nucletide when DNA is copied? A short section of nucletide is lost from new DNA molecule each time is copied.
Is the lost of nucletide bad? Its important these nucletides is lost from telemeres, not from genes themselves.
What happens at the end of interphase? Individual cell has two full sets of DNA, or chromosome and is large enough to divide
When does cytokinesis happens? Beings during late anaphase.

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