Chapter 5 Marketing 199

Blogging is a unique platform because it allows for the sharing of expanded content and more fully developed ideas than other social media channels.

True or false

A content strategy is important for a blog because

A.)It helps identify the marketing objectives.

B.)It helps a blogger create relevant content the audience will engage with.

C.)It confirms specific buyer personas.

D.)It supports the overall social media strategy.

E.)It keeps the blogger on a schedule.

Linking to new posts on other social platforms is a good idea because it provides additional opportunities for your audience to find the content.

True or false

The ease of use of creating a website now means that there is a lot of content out there, so much so that it’s difficult for even the high quality content to stand out.
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True or false
According to the text, becoming a successful blogger is so difficult that over 50% of blogs are abandoned within the first 90 days.

True or false

Self-hosted blogs are not taken as seriously as hosted blogs because they take less time to create and maintain.

True or false

The Long Tail is important because it explains why a few popular blogs see large, generic audiences.

True or false

Specialized, niche content is

A.) one way to get your audience interested in what you are selling.

B.) the best way to build a blog audience.

C.)not what most online consumers seek.

D.)an example of an unsustainable content strategy.

E.)relevant only to smaller businesses.

When dealing with a controversial post, it is safest to just delete it.

True or false

Which of the following is not a marketing benefit of blogging?

A.)Build a company’s brand
B.)Make messages portable and easy to share
C.)Allows customer to respond quickly and easily.
D.)Allows a company to control the marketing message.
E.)It builds credibility with other bloggers.

What is a blog?

A.)A website built on WordPress or Blogger.

B.)A way to describe a content management system.

C.)Any social media website that allows a user to
post updates.

D.)A website/web log that has regular updates where
the most recent ones are displayed first.

E.)A website that includes an RSS feed or subscription option.

Which of the following is a true statement?

A.)Page views are good indicators of blog sentiment.

B.)Finding relevant comments is easier for new blogs.

C.)The number of comments received on a blog is more important than the number of overall readers.

D.)There has been tremendous growth in social media monitoring software, especially for blogs.

E.)Finding out the number of pages views on a blog requires external monitoring tools.

The easiest part of blogging is:

A.)Deciding what to name the blog.

B.)Identifying the goals of the blog.

C.)Setting up a blog.

D.)Developing a content strategy for the blog.

E.)Responding to blog comments.

What makes the Marriott blog stand out from other corporate blogs?

A.)It does not talk about the hotels or hospitality industry.

B.)It is not about disseminating press releases.

C.)It is updated less frequently than most corporate

D.)It uses ghost writers.

E.)It includes exclusive promotions and specials.

A catchy title on a blog post should not:

A.)Communicate a benefit

B.)Ask a question

C.)Include relevant keywords

D.) Be overly long or vague

E.)Identify the content in the post.

Syndication is important for blogs because:

A.)It allows bloggers to promote content in other channels to new audiences.

B.)It cuts through content clutter.

C.)It guarantees additional revenues for the blog.

D.)It helps boost content production on a blog.

E.)It encourages more comments.

How has the Internet changed, according to the text?

A.)People spend more time on social media.

B.)Mobile phones have changed how people access social media.

C.)More people are reading blogs.

D.)Users can now create content in addition to consuming it.

E.)Many large companies have blogs.

If blog updates occur less than once a week,

A.)It runs the risk of being seen as not engaged.

B.)It means that individual blog posts can be longer.

C.)Readers will look forward to the new posts more than if the blog was updated more frequently.

D.)It creates buzz and mystery.

E.)It generates more comments

Robert Scoble:

A.)Used blogging to help Microsoft escape the Department of Justice case against it.

B.)Promoted Microsoft products through the blog

C.)Was able to build a blog-based focus group for Microsoft and help the company respond to user feedback.

D.)Was regularly blocked from blogging by Microsoft.

E.)Helped invent the Active-X programming code.

It is more effective to cover multiple topics in a single blog post, as it keeps readers coming back for more.

True or false

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