Chapter 5 Intro to Quality

Lean Principles
Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, Perfection
Whats important to customer focus
Value Stream
Only necessary value added steps.
Continuous process through value stream.
“other dude is gunna deliver these specimens, you follow the person around the lab to see where they go.”
“Drive, direction,the reason. The patient needs a result for diagnosis.”
“everyones doing the same gymnastics or dance routine”
japanese word for waste. people would get buttons and throw them away.
add costs but no value to process. “waste time, waste space, waste movement…”
process diagram
“will write spagghetti diagrams about how the flow of someones work works”
Root causes
“youre on the microscope, doing differential. they go to the fastest person and the slowest person. average slowest and fastest, and give people a goal”
MUDA categories
Movement, waiting, over processing, defects, inventories, transportation, design, overproduction
Unnecessary movement
Waiting for requried item
“does the centrifuge have to go 20 mintues? can it go less?”
Over processing
Doing more than necessary
“do we have to do all these steps? do we have to log it in 14 different steps? do we have to keep track of it in 3 different ways?”
Rewrok to fix mistakes
“The oops. writing a paper that after you turn in you have to do again. Burning dinner; have to do it again”
Overstocked work area
“14 boxes of XS coats, but everyone needs medium.
Do influenza test only 3 times a year, but bought 100 boxes, taking up too much space”
unnecessary movement of items
“having different gloves in different places”
Items/activities that customers view as unnecessary
“Run it 3 times to make SURE the number is right.”
Performing tasks that don’t add value
“do i always have to look at the smear for a blood film or do i jsut accept the CDC as it is?”
LEAN Tools
5-S: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain
CANDO: Clearing up, Arranging, Neatness, Discpline, Ongoing Improvement
Work Chart
has a large gray square on left.
Operations, machine time, work time, walk time.
Six Sigma Model
Motorola and General Electric
6 sigma
99.9997% defect free
<3.4 errors per 1 million processeces
DMAIC of Six-Sigma
Define the problem
Six Sigma focus
reducing variatino reduces errors
everyone has to be involved, bought in.
Six Sigma training
trained, green belt.
can teach others, Black belt. If you have an opportunity to get trained in these processes, everyone will perkk up their ears. This is a big one
Speed and efficiency
Six Sigma
Qualitym eliminate defects through reduced variation
Malcom Baldrige
Best practices
Iso 9000
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