Chapter 4 test Warmth of Other Suns study guide

What did the author’s mother say when she was asked to clean the women’s bathroom?
“I’m looking for someone to clean mine.”

Name the 5 jobs that Ida Mae had and the reason she had to quit them.
temporary job cleaning bathroom, printing press, quit because it was too dangerous, campbell soup factory, quit because somebody stole her coat. Hospital aide, steel place.

Name the hospital where she worked and where it’s located and what her job was at the hospital.
Walther memorial job on the westside, hosptial aide, cheered up patients, sterilized instruments, and organized supplies.

Why was Win having problems turning out the light?
He had never seen a light bulb before, and didnt know how to turn it off.

Know the full story of Arrington high, asylum name, what he was convicted of, etc
Asylum called mississippi lunatic asylum, or whitfield, convicted of protesting the southern order of things, exposing segregationists who were consorting with hookers at a colored brethrel especially for white lawmakers. escaped with help of friends and shipped sucessfully to chicago by means of caskett.

Story of henry box brown
wanted to go to the north when family was taken away, got friend to ship him north in a standard shipping crate, very painful, freed in baltimore by abolitionists.

What were the three reasons blacks came back south
death in the family, someone needed tending, and to show off.

What was the two year city ban on immigrants?
the city restricted new housing in an attempt to keep new immigrants out of the overpopulated city.

Full story of the Clarks
tried to move to cicero but were not allowed by the locals, a violent riot occurred. sued and won the right to move in, but were forced out when the whole complex was burned down. they lost everything, literally.

Who was walter white?
Was an longtime leader of the naacp and compared the hatred of the Cicero mobs to those of lynch mobs in the south. kept watch of the clarks case

What was the population of blacks in cicero in the 2000 census?
1 percent

Questions on king
king wanted to march about the injustices in chicago but it was weird because he couldent just write them into law. met with violence and hate.

what three things had MLK done that Ida Mae was taken by his sheer presence?
Winning the nobel peace prize, leading the march on Washington, and signing the 1964 civil rights act.

What neighborhood did MLK stay in while in Chicago?
The section of the west side called lawn dale,

How did they purchase their first home, from whom did they purchase it from, how had it changed, what was the reasoning, what did they pay, where was it located?
they bought it with their kids, the purchased it from an italian auto salesman, all the whites were leaving, because they moved in, 30k, the south shore.

Know at least three cities that were the most segregated
Cleveland, Gary, hah, gross, milwaukee

What act did Lyndon b Johnson sign? what did it prevent?
The fair housing act which banned discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national orgin in the renting or selling of property.

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