Chapter 4 Sport Management

Define: organization
social entity created to coordinate the efforts of individuals with the intent to achieve goals
by working collectively, organizations can achieve..(2)
-economies of scale (savings originating from the production of goods)
-economies of scope (maximization of resources used throughout an organization)
process that achieves goals…
inputs —> transformation —-> outputs
types of sport organizations (3)
Sport environment elements..(5)
-social and cultural forces
Questions to ask about elements of the specific environment (5)
-who are the consumers?
-what are their preferences?
-who are the suppliers?
-who is the competition?
-what role does the government play?
Define: effectiveness
the extent to which it achieves its goals
Define: efficiency
the achievement of goals using minimum resources
Define: evaluating
traditional and contemporary approaches
3 traditional apporaches..
-goal approach
-resource-based approach
-internal process approach
2 contemporary approaches
-competing-values approach
-stakeholder approach
Dimensions of organizational structure (4)
-standardization and centralization
-factors affecting centralized or decentralized decisions
-relationships among the dimensions of organizational structures
Mintzberg’s design configurations (5 organizational parts)
-top management
-middle management
-technical core
-administrative support staff
-technical support staff
Organizational culture…manifestations of culture (6)
-ceremonies + rites
-physical setting
Organizational change…2 frameworks for studying organizational change
-organizational life cycle
-contextualist approach
Organizational life cycle (model of organizational growth)…4 stages of growth
Contextualist approach, does not take place in isolation or in a brief period..3 elements
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