chapter 4-(SMART)

(SMART) stands for..
Social Marketing Assessment & Response Tool
created by..
is what kind of framework?
-Neiger & Thackeray (1998)
-is a social marketing planning framework
Social marketing
– “the application of commercial marketing technologies to the analysis, planning, and execution, and evaluation of programs designed to influence the voluntary behavior of target audiences in order to improve personal welfare and that of their society”
# of phases?
P 1:
Preliminary Planning [problem, name in terms of
behavior, develop goals, project costs]
P 2:
Consumer Analysis [segment priority population & determine needs, wants, & preferences]; also secondary & tertiary audiences
P 3:
Market Analysis [4Ps, competitors, & partners]
P 4:
Channel Analysis [interpersonal,small group, organizational, community, mass media]
P 5:
Developing Interventions, Materials, & Pretesting
P 6:
P 7:
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