Chapter 4 professional and professionals qualities of a health care worker

List five factors that contribute to good health?
Diet, Rest, Exercise, Good Posture
Identify three basic requirements for the appearance of uniforms or scrubs?
Should always be neat, well fitted, clean, free of wrinkles
How do you determine which type and color of uniform or scrubs should you wear in your place of work?
Most wear diff colors for different groups of workers you should wear the color your place of employment gives you
Three basic rules to observe in regard to shoes worn in health care career?
Fit well, provide good support, prevent fatigue
List three ways to control body odor?
Daily bath or shower, use deodorant or antiperspirant, good oral hygiene
List three reasons for keeping fingernail shorten clean?
If along and pointed they can injure patient, also get transmit germs, prohibit artificial nails
What can we use to keep the hands for me coming chapped and drive because of frequent handwashing?
Handcream and lotion
Why is it important to keep her long hair pinned back and off the collar when a job requires close patient contact?
Prevents the hair from touching the patient/resident, falling on a tray and on equipment, Or blocking the necessary vision during procedures
What jewelry can be worn with a uniform?
Watch, wedding ring, small pierced earrings, medical alert bracelet
Why should excessive jewelry be avoided?
It can cause injury to patient and transmit germs or pathogens
Why should tattoos be avoided?
Are visible and or offensive detract
What type of tattoo is always permitted?
Medical alert tattoos
List for factors that must be met to avoid interfering with the communication process?
Message must be clear, the sender must deliver message, there receiver must be able to hear and receive message, the receiver must be able to understand message
Define listening?
Paying attention to you in making an effort to hear what the other person is saying
Why does reflecting statements back to this week your help and communication process?
Lets them know you understand, makes you look eager for more
Nonverbal communication involves the use of?
Facial expressions, body language, gestures, I contact, and touch to convey a message or ideas.
Why is it important to observe a person is nonverbal behavior?
These are important parts of any communication process
List three common causes of communication barriers?
Physical disabilities, psychological attitudes, prejudice
Headed to five for ways to improve communications with the person who is blind or has a visual impairment?
Soft tone voice, describe events that are occurring, announce your presence as you enter a room, explain sounds or noises
List for ways you can deal with an angry patient?
Encourage them to talk about feelings, avoid arguing, remain calm, talking soft and nonthreatening tone
What is culture?
Consists of the values, beliefs, attitudes, and custom shared by a group of people and passed down from one generation to the next.
Identify three main barrier is created by cultural diversity?
Beliefs and practices regarding health and illness, language differences, eye contact
Differentiate between subjective and objective observations?
Subjective observations -cannot be seen or felt usually statement or complaints made by the patient
Objective observations- Can be seen or measure, a bruise, cut, rash, or swelling can be seen
How should an error on a health care record be corrected?
And should be crossed out neatly with a straight line, have the word “error” recorded by them, and show the initials of the person making the error.
What does the abbreviation HIPAA mean? What is its purpose?
The health insurance portability and accountability act established straight to standards for maintaining confidentiality of healthcare records
Define teamwork?
Consists of many professionals, with different levels of education, ideas backgrounds, and interests, working together for the benefit of the patient
List five ways to develop good interpersonal relationships?
Maintaining a positive attitude and learning to laugh at yourself, be friendly and cooperative with others, assist others when you see that they need help, be open-minded and willing to compromise, Support and encourage other team members
Briefly describe the characteristics of each of the following types of leaders?
Democratic, laissez-faire, autocratic
What is a democratic?
Encourages the participation of all individuals and decisions that have to be made or problems that have to be solved
What is Laissez-Faire
Informal leader, believers in noninterference in affairs with orhers
What is Autocratic?
(Dictator) this individual maintains total rule, makes all the decisions, and has difficulty delegating or sharing duties
Define stress?
Him he defined as the body’s reaction to any stimulus that requires a person to adjust to a changing environment
Didn’t divide the fullest a plan that should be followed when I stress or causes a physical reaction in the body?
Stop, breathe, reflect, choose
I didn’t find a situation that always leads to stress in your life, how can you or adapt or deal with the situation?
Live a healthy life, take a break from stress, Relax, escape
Differentiate between short-term and long-term goals?
Short-term- Usually takes days, weeks, or months to accomplish
Long-term- May take years or even a lifetime
Liz the seven steps of an effective time-management plan?
Analyze and prioritize, identify habits and preferences, make a daily to do list, schedule tasks, plan your work, avoid distraction, take credit for a job well done
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