Chapter 4: Ethics and social responsibility in Marketing

Whistle Blowers
Employees who report unethical or illegal actions of their employers.
Moral Idealism
A personal moral philosophy that considers certain individual rights or duties as universal, regardless of outcome
Greatest good for greatest number of people
Profit Responsibility
Maximize profit for their owners or shareholders
Stakeholder Responsibility
Obligations firms have to anyone influencing their outcome (customers, suppliers, etc.)
Triple Bottom Line
Recognize the needs for organizations to improve the state of people, the planet, and profit simultaneously
Green Marketing
Marketing efforts to produce, promote, and reclaim environmental sensitive products
ISO 14001
Worldwide environmental standards and marketing practices
Social Audit
A systematic assessment of a firm’s objectives, strategies, and performance in the domain of social responsibility
Sustainable Development
Conducting business in a way that protects the natural environment
caveat emptor
let the buyer beware—was pervasive in Canadian business culture
economic espionage
is the clandestine collection of trade secrets or proprietary information about a company’s competitors. This practice is illegal and unethical and includes such activities as trespassing, theft, fraud, wire tapping, and searching a competitor’s trash.
code of ethics
is a formal statement of ethical principles and rules of conduct.
social responsibility
means that individuals and organizations are part of a larger society and are accountable to that society for their actions
corporate social responsibility
In the context of corporate behaviour, social responsibility is sometimes referred to as
societal responsibility
refers to obligations that organizations have to (1) the preservation of the ecological environment, and (2) the general public.
cause marketing
which occurs when the charitable contributions of a firm are tied directly to the customer revenues produced through the promotion of one of its products
a modification of the term whitewashing, is defined as disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image

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