Chapter 21 science

A package of instrumental that is carried by a ballon to measure upper atmospheric conditions, including temperature, dew point, and wind velocity

A severe storm that develops over tropical oceans and whose strong winds of more than km/h spiral in toward the intensely low-pressure storm center

A destructive, rotating column of air that has very high wind speeds and that maybe visible as a funnel-shaped cloud

Maritime polar
Form over the North Pacific Ocean and are very moist

A usually brief, heaven strom that consists of rain, strong winds, lightening, and thunder

Continental tropical
Form over the deserts of the southwestern United States

A system that uses reflected radio waves to determine the velocity and location of objects

An instrument used to measure wind speed

Continental polar
Cold and dry

Maritime tropical
Form over the warm water of the tropical Atlantic oceans and can also form over the warm areas of the Pacific Ocean

Air mass
A large body of air throughout which temperature and moisture content are similar

When air sinks and flows outward from a center of high pressure

Station model
A pattern of meteorological symbols that represent the weather at a particular observing station and that is recorded on a weather map

Given when severe weather has been spotted or is expected within 24 hours

Occluded front
A front that forms when a cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass and lifts the warm air mass

The air rises
As lower layers of the air are warmed, what happens to the air?

Weather usually brings the weather of its source location
What type of weather does an air mass usually bring with it?

Continental polar, tropical polar, maritime polar, and tropical
What are the different types of air masses?

A wandering haphazard path
What type of path does a tornado take?

Upper atmospheric conditions such as temperature, dew point, and wind velocity
What does a radiosonde measure?

What tool do meteorologist use to solve mathematical equations and store data?

To track global weather patterns
Why do scientist study upper atmospheric conditions?

Satellite instruments
How are marine weather conditions monitored?

Weather models
What do doppler radar and satellite images help create?

Collection centers
Weather stations report data to who?

What types of weather have meteorologists tried to control with freezing nuclei?

H represents high pressure and L represents low pressure
What do the letters H and L represent on a weather map?

To understand the weather
What do meteorologists use supercomputers for?

By using symbols
How do scientist convey information on weather maps?

Rain, hail, and lightening
What weather have meteorologist tired to control?

A warm front generally produces precipitation over a large area and may occasionally cause violent weather
Describe the storms associated with a warm front.

It can show current temperature, dew point, and wind speed
What attributes are sown by a station model?

Moist and warm air
What type of air mass is associated with maritime tropical?

Continental tropical
What type of air mass originates in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean?

It’s useful in forecasting weather changes and it stores weather records fro quick retrievals
***How do scientist use computers to understand weather?

They use color and symbols that can be understood in any language to communicate data
***How do weather stations communicate weather data?

When data from collection centers transferred onto weather maps, they use colors and symbols that can be use in any language to communicate data
***How is a weather map created?

Stay way from tall objects and buildings, if you can get indoors and avoid electrical appliances, running water, metal pipes, and phones because lightning can strike your house and house and the wires can electrocute you
***Suppose you are out in a field playing baseball with friends when the sky turns dark and the wind picks up. Suddenly there is lightning, thunder, and driving rain. What should you do? Explain your answer?

Clouds that carry electrical charges that have huge sparks that travel within the cloud or between cloud and ground that causes electrical charge to spark
***What is lightning?

Temperature, weather conditions, wind speed, wind direction, dew point, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, and barometric
***list eight types of weather data that are indicated by a station model?

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