Chapter 21 – Pharmacology Exercises A & B

use of drugs in the treatment of disease

medicinal chemistry
study of new drug synthesis

molecular pharmacology
study of how drugs interact with their target molecules

study of the harmful effects of drugs

study of drug effects in the body

measurement of drug concentrations in tissues and in blood over a period of time

specialist in the study of the harmful effects of drugs on the body

agent given to counteract harmful effects of a drug

Food and Drug Administration
government agency with legal responsibility for enforcing proper drug manufacture and clinical use

trade (brand) name
commercial name for a drug

chemical name
complicated chemical formula for a drug

generic name
legal noncommercial name for a drug

professional who prepares and dispenses drugs

specialist (MD or PhD) who studies the properties, uses, and actions of drugs

Physician’s Desk Reference
reference book listing drug products

United States Pharmacopeia
authoritative listing of drugs, formulas, and preparations that sets a standard for drug manufacturing and dispensing

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