Chapter 20: Sport Management Research

Why do sport managers need to understand research?
Research can keep you current and trial-and-error management is folly.
What is sport management research?
A systematic way of examining hunches, assumptions, and questions.
What are the two types of research?
Basic and Applied
Basic research type:
Applying, testing, advancing, and developing new theories.
Applied research type:
Helps answer practical research questions.
Quantitative Data:
Data in the form of numbers.
Qualitative Data:
Data in the form of words, pictures, or actions.
Research design:
The master plan that identifies the research methods and procedures for the development of the study, collection of the data, and analysis of the data.
What factors is research design based on?
Purpose of the research, research questions, expertise of the researcher, available resources, and how the research will be used.
Assesses how well our measures capture the meaning of abstract concepts
Refers to the consistency or dependability of our measures.
What are the strategies for producing credible, dependable, and believable results?
Carefully defining abstract concepts, examining results over time and across subgroups, and using multiple sources of data.
What are the steps of conducting sport management research?
Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Reporting Results of Data Analysis, and Discussion and Conclusion of the Research.
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