Chapter 2 Time Management/ Success in Practical Voc. Nursing

This will help you get things done as quickly as possible.
Involves setting priorities among the tasks that need to be done and doing them the best way possible and choosing the most important task to do and doing it the right way.
Any behavior that is learned can be unlearned if you work at it, and new habits can be acquired.
Long term goal
“bulls eye” to which you will direct your efforts for the next year.
Data collection
Data Collection in Time management involves two areas : 1. Discovering what roles you fill in your daily life. 2. Collecting data on how you actually spend your time.
This tasks comes after data collection. It helps keep you honest. It reflcts the face-to-face classes you must attend and the studying you need to do to reach your long-term goal. the BLUEPRINT for action.
Support system
The people you identify in your life who make up your team.
Explanations for being disorganized and managing time poorly :
* Trauma in ones personal life
*Disorganized upbringing
*Lack of commitment
Time management
A major skill that contributes to learner success.
Time management techniques
Help you work smarter not harder.
Ineffective use of personal time is ___ ___.
Is learned behavior.
Any behavior can be ______ if you work at it, and new habits can be acquired.
Linear Learners
Left-brained thinkers (methodical)
Non Linear Learners
Right-brained thinkers (unstructured)
Time management systems
Left-brained thinkers
Left-brained thinkers
Traditional tools of time management. Process info in sequence
Right-brained thinkers
Prefer to look at pictures. Prefer to use own tools/ideas for time management
Left Brain Thinking Style
This style is linear , prefers a step by step, methodical approach. Traditional tools of time management are directed to Left Brain thinkers because they process information in sequence.
Right Brain Thinking Style
This style is nonlinear. Right Brain thinkers look at the picture as a whole. (see and do in an unstructured manner) Right Brain thinkers prefer their own tools/ideas for time management and are good at devising them.
How many days does it take to break an old habit?
21 days
Planning should take ___ mins to plan a month, ___ mins each week _____ to plan each day.
10 mins, 10 mins, 5 mins
Part of your time management program in which your plans become action.
A sure way to finish those unpleasant, difficult, and time-consuming tasks is to reduce the entire task to a series of ____.
To share the workload with others.
Involves determining how well your plan is working and how you are progressing towards meeting your short-term goals.

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