Chapter 2: Strategic Management and Project Selection

Project selection should be aligned with the organization’s __________?
NOT a major problem with multiple projects?
Shortage of project managers
Project management maturity refers to?
Mastery of skills required to manage projects competently
NOT a correct project selection statement?
Project manager are responsible for selecting projects
NOT a non-numeric project selection model?
Pay Back Period
NOT a numeric project selection model?
Rate of return
NOT a disadvantage of numeric project selection models?
Models ignore non-monetary factors
NOT a reason for using the Real Options numeric models?
Hedging against market changes
NOT an advantage of profitability models?
Easy to add non-monetary measures
NOT a truth about scoring statements?
The weighted scoring model is a technically acceptable decision analysis technique to compare alternatives
NOT a risk consideration in project selection?
Risk is only a concern in research and development
NOT a symptom of a misaligned project portfolio?
Use of subjective information to define project benefits
NOT a purpose of the project portfolio process?
Include only low risk projects
NOT a step in the project portfolio process?
Write a project portfolio process plan
The primary reason the text recommends to Prioritize the Projects Within Categories?
Benefits are not comparable between categories
The text recommends assigning projects to what percent of resource capacity?
The major reasons for project portfolio process Step 3, Collect Project Data?
Assemble the data, Document assumptions, and Screen out weaker projects
NOT a role of the project manager in the Project Portfolio process?
Select the projects to be funded
Real options seek to reduce which risk in projects?
NOT an advantage that favors the use of weighted scoring models?
Decision makers are compelled to stick with the decision once it has been made

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