Chapter 2: Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management
the pattern of planned HR activities and deployments intended to enable an organization to achieve its goals.
Strategy Formulation
process of deciding on a strategic direction by defining a company’s mission and goals, its external opportunities and threats, and internal strengths and weaknesses
Strategy Implementation
The process of devising structures and allocating resources to enact the strategy a company has chosen.
what a organization hopes to achieve in the medium-to- long term future”
External Analysis
Examining the organization’s operating environment to identify strategic opportunities and threats.
Internal Analysis
The process of examining an organization’s strengths and weaknesses.
Strategic Choice
The organization’s strategy; the ways an organization will attempt to fulfill its mission and achieve its long-term goals.
Job Analysis
the process of getting detailed information about jobs
Job Design
the process of defining how work will be performed and what tasks will be required in a given job
The process of seeking applicants for potential employment.
the process by which an organization attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that will help it achieve it’s goals.
A planned effort to facilitate the learning of job related knowledge skills and behavior by employees
The acquisition of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that improve an employee’s ability to meet changes in job requirements and in client and customer demands.
Performance Management
The means through which managers ensure that employees’ activities and outputs are congruent with the organization’s goals.
Role Behaviors
Behaviors that are required of an individual in his or her role as a jobholder in a social work environment.
External Growth Strategy
An emphasis on acquiring vendors and suppliers or buying businesses that allow a company to expand into new markets.
Concentration Strategy
A strategy focusing on increasing market share, reducing costs, or creating and maintaining a market niche for products and services.
Internal Growth Strategy
A focus on new market and product development, innovation, and joint ventures.
The planned elimination of large numbers of personnel, designed to enhance organizational effectiveness
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