Chapter 2 Social Media Marketing

What is a SMM Plan?
A SMM Plan details an organization’s social media goals and the actions necessary to achieve them. Key among these actions is the understanding of corporate and marketing strategies and the creation of promotional strategies.
What are the 9 elements in the Social Media Marketing Planning Cycle?
1. Listening
2. Setting Goals
3. Defining Strategies
4. Identifying Target Market/Audience
5. Selecting Tools
6. Selecting Platforms and Channels
7. Implementation
8. Monitoring
9. Tuning
What are the 5 things (stages) you are listening for when Listening and Observing?
1. Listen to conversation about a brand or company.
2. Listen to what people say about the competitors
3. Listening To What People Say About The Industry or Category
4. Listening For The Tone of the Community
5. Listening To Different Social Media Platforms and Channels
What are listening centers?
Data centers that track and analyze social media content around a brand or company.
What are the 5 parts of the Valid Metrics Framework?
1. Exposure: Opportunity to Attend to Content
2. Engagement: Interaction with Content
3. Influence: Ability to Change Opinion or Behavior
4. Impact: Effect on the Target Audience
5. Advocacy: Suggest Action to Another User
What are the 4 levels of the “objective cascade”?
1. Business
2. Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Campaign and Platform Specific
What are the 8 Cs of Strategy Development?
1. Categorize social media platforms by target market relevancy
2. Comprehend the rules of the road on the platform by listening and learning how to behave, successfully spark conversation, and engage the participants.
3. Converse by acknowledging and responding to other users of the platform, always remembering to be a contributor, not a promoter.
4. Collaborate with platform members as a means of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the platform participants.
5. Contribute content to build reputation and become a valued member, helping to improve the community
6. Connect with the influencers so that you can enlist them to help shape opinions about your product or service.
7. Community participation (and creation) can elicit valuable consumer suggestions for improving products and services.
8. Convert relationships built in social media to the behaviors specified in the objectives.
What is a Call to Action and why is it important?
The behavior you would want the potential customer to exhibit at each stage of your marketing campaign. It’s important because it allows you to increase the level of interaction and engagement through small, incremental steps.
Why is it important not just to self-promote on SMM?
While social media can be a platform for businesses to share their content, it can become even more valuable by building the number of people who are passionate about a business and requesting them to create content or to share it.
What comprises the “road map” to build before developing an SMM strategy?
1. Who your target audience is and the audience characteristics
2. How you plan to interact with the audience
3. How you will measure the success or failure of your activities
4. How you will adjust to stay on track to meet your objectives.

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