Chapter 2 – Marketing Research

Professional Researcher Certificaiton (PRC)
provides market advantage, confidence, and strength for practitioners;
Charles Coolidge Parlin
the first continuous and organized research was started by him in 1911; recognized as “the father of marketing research”
N W Ayer & Son
conducted the first known marketing research study to address a marketing/advertising problem was done by this advertising agency
internal suppliers
organizations that supply their own marketing research; refers to an entity within the firm that supplies marketing research
research conducted by internal suppliers is often referred to as this
refers to a smaller firm conducting their own limited marketing research
external suppliers
outside firms hired to fulfill a company’s marketing research needs
a common name for a supplier firm
full-service supplier firms
have the capability to conduct the entire marketing research project for buyer firms
limited-service supplier firms
specialize in one or, at most, a few marketing research activites
“selling under the guise of research”
“fundraising under the guise of research”
Transparency Initiative
encourages the routine disclosure of methods used in research information released to the public

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