Chapter 2- Marketing Research: Process and Systems for Decision Making

Marketing Research
The process by which information about the environment is generated, analyzed, and interpreted for use in marketing decision making. It is a systematic process for obtaining information to aid in decision making.
Marketing Research Process
1. Purpose of research
2. Plan of research
3. Performance of research
4. Processing of research data
5. Preparation of research report
Purpose of Research
Managers should agree on: current situation with problem to be researched, nature of the problem, and specific question(s) research is designed to investigate
Plan of Research
1. Primary vs. secondary data
2. Qualitative vs. quantitative research
3. Company vs. contract research
Performance of Research
Preparing for data collection and collection. If primary data, observational forms, surveys must be designed, pretested, and validated. Samples drawn and interviews scheduled. Obtain and record maximum of useful information subject to time, money, and privacy constraints.
Processing Research Data
Preparation for analysis. Editing and coding data. Processing qualitative and quantitative research.
Qualitative research
Research data consists of interview records that must be content analyzed.
Quantitative research
Research that may use any number of statistical techniques.
Preparation of Report
A complete statement of everything done in a research project, including all prior stages as well as strategic recommendations. Limitations of the research should be noted.
Research Report
Should be clear regarding what was done and use everyday language that managers can understand.
Marketing Information System
A coordinated collection of data, tools, and techniques involving both computer hardware and software where marketers gather and interpret relevant information for decision making.
System Requirements
Database software to sort & retrieve data. Model base for manipulating data. Dialog system that permits marketer to explore databases and use models to address decision making needs.

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