Chapter 2: Customer Service

What is a service culture?
It is different for each organization. No two organizations operate in the same manner; have the same focus, or provide management that accomplishes the same results.
What is the key point to remember about service culture?
A key point to remember is that you play a key role in communicating the culture of your organization to your customers.
A term used to describe service providers and organizations that put their customers first and spend time, effort and money identifying and focusing on the needs of current and potential customers.
What does top-down oriented mean?
When they have upper management at the top of their hierarchy and customers as a final element or thought
Successful organizations that are customer-centered and focused on vidual needs is what?
What is typical hierarchical organization in order?
Senior management, middle management, supervisors/team leaders, front-line service provider, customer
What is customer-centric organization in order?
Customer, front-line service provider, supervisors/team leaders, middle management, senior management
The direction or vision of an organization that supports day-to-day interactions with the customers.
The direction or vision of an organization that supports day-to-day interactions with the customers.
Service philosophy or mission
In successful organizations who makes themselves clearly visible to front line employees and are in tune with customer needs and expectations?
Upper Management
Task assignments that service providers assume.
Employee Roles
What does RUMBA stand for?
Realistic, Understandable, Measurable, Believable, Attainable
One-owner business
Sole Proprietorship
If customers perceive that you offer reputable products and services in a professional manner at a competitive price, your organization will most likely receive what?
Rewards of loyalty and positive press
People who are well antiquated with the organization and its policies, politics, and process. They are well connection (inside and outside the organization), communicate well, have the ability and desire to assist you
Typically less experience recipients of the efforts of mentors.
Describes the giving of decision-making and problem resolution authority to lower level employees in an organization. This precludes having to get permission from higher levels in order to take an action or serve a customer.
What is the intent of empowerment?
Delegation of authority where a front line service provider can take action without having to call a supervisor or ask permission.
Many communities have lists of seminars available through what?
The public library, college business programs, high schools, chambers of commerce, professional organizations, and a variety of other organizations.
Why is the type of delivery system used important?
Because it affects staffing numbers, costs, technology, scheduling, and many other factors.
Internal/external employees or external consultants who pose as customers in on-site visits, over the telephone or online, to determine how well customers are being served.
Mystery shoppers
Means of monitoring compliance. Also, to each employee who meet the three-ring standard, rewards are given.
Mystery caller
What does customers want?
Value for their money and/or effective, efficient service.
involves pleasantries such as “please” and “thank you” as there is no place or excuse for rude behavior in a customer service environment.
identifying potential issues that need to be addressed and accomplishing them without a lot of direction or guidance from others, service providers in small companies aid the overall effectivness of the organization and address customer expectations.
Self-iniative/ability to recognize what needs to be done

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