Chapter 19: The Marketing Mix – Promotion and Place

the use of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct mail, trade fairs, sponsorship and public relations to inform consumers and persuade them to buy
Promotion Mix
the combination of promotional techniques that a firm uses to sell the product
Above Line Promotion
a form of promotion that is undertaken by a business by paying for communication with consumers
paid-for communication with consumers to inform and persuade
Below the line promotion
promotion that is not a directly paid for means of communication, but based on short-term incentives o purchase
Sales Promotion
incentives such as special offers or special deals directed at consumers or retailers to achieve short-term sales increases and repeat purchases by consumers
Personal Selling
a member of the sales staff communicates with one consumer with the aim of selling the product and establishing a long term relationship between company and consumer
payment by a company to the organizers of an event or team/individuals so that the company name becomes associated with the event/team individual
Public Relations
the deliberate use of free publicity provided by newspapers, TV and other media to communicate with and achieve understanding by the public
the strategy of differentiating from those of competitors by creating an identifiable image and clear expectations of a product
Promotion Budget
the financial amount made available by a business for spending on marketing/promotion during a certain time period
Channel of distribution
the chain of intermediaries a product passes through from producer to final consumer
Internet Marketing
the advertising and marketing activities that use the internet, email, and mobile communications to encourage direct sales via electronic commerce
the buying and selling of goods and services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium
Viral Marketing
the use of social media sites or text messages to increase brand awareness or sell products
Integrated Marketing Mix
the key marketing decisions complement each other and work together to give customers a consistent message about the product

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