Chapter 19 Marketing

Types of Advertising
Promotional, institutional, mass, and targeted
Promotional Advertising
The goal is to increase sales, can promote business, product, or service
Institutional Advertising
Tries to create a favorable image for a company and foster goodwill in the marketplace- connects it’s name to a worthy cause
Mass Advertising
Reaches a large number of people
Targeted Advertising
Reaches out to specific groups of people or select audiences
Talk show setting, celebrity featured, specific product for sale, call # or visit website to order (exercise equipment, kitchen gadgets, skin care)
Advertising goal
To attract consumers to buy a product or accept an idea
Types of Media
Print Media, Broadcast Media, Online Advertising, Specialty Media
Print Media
Newspaper, magazine, direct mail, directory advertising, outdoor advertising, transit advertising
Newspaper Advantages
Large readership, known circulation, low cost, can be timely and easily changes
Newspaper Disadvantages
Wasted circulation, thrown away daily, poor quality of printing
Magazine Advantages
Circulations and characteristics are known, read more slowly than newspapers, better print quality, not thrown away
Magazine Disadvantages
Less localized, more expensive, ads not as timely
Direct Mail Advantages
Can select who gets the message, flexible timing, wide choice of size/styles, can include coupons, can use direct mail to make a sale
Direct Mail Disadvantages
low response level, high cost, junk mail
Outdoor Advantages
highly visible, low cost, repeat viewing, can target based on geographic location
Outdoor Disadvantages
short message, audience unknown, government regulation is increasing
Types of Broadcast Media
Television, radio
Radio Advantages
can select audience, more flexible than print, mobile media
Radio Disadvantages
short life span, often ignored by listeners
Television Advantages
can be creative and memorable, seems more personal, mass audience, can be adapted for holidays/seasons
Television Disadvantages
Highest cost of all advertising, channel surfing, DVR/Tivo
Online Advertising Advantages
some people opt in to receive
Online Advertising Disadvantages
low response rates
Specialty Media Advantages
multiple impressions, people want the media itself, inexpensive
Specialty Media Disadvantages
limited distribution, people who wont buy the products still gain the media
Other Advertising Media
Instant coupon dispensers, floor matts, supermarket car displays
Audience is the same as
CPM equation
(Cost of Ad*1,000)/circulation= CPM per 1,000 readers
Impression Frequency
A single exposure to an advertising message
the agencies, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the public
Transit advertising
can be found of public transportation
Online Advertising uses
email or the world wide web
Specialty media are also called
giveaways or advertising specialties
Media Planning
the process of selecting the advertising media and deciding the time or space in which the ads should appear to accomplish a marketing objective
the number of homes or people exposed to an ad

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