Chapter 18 Practice Test

a stronger self concept
terror management theory, thinking about one’s own death leads to
72%; 90%
relief felt following their loved one’s death, about __ reported that death was a relief to them and about __ reported that the felt it provided a welcome relief to the person who died
30%; 1%
1900 death of US children under the age of 5 __ and in 2009 __
we often cope with death by denying its existence in our lives
we live in an era of “invisible death”; the text means that
“Why me?”
Kubler-Ross, which of the following statements best reflects the anger stage of dying
increased by about 65%
between 2003 and 2010, the number of hospice patients served in the US
hospitals focus on keeping patients alive, whereas hospice is focused on helping a person die
inconsistency between hospice care and hospital care
Jodi is dying from a rare blood disorder, but insists that the doctor made of misdiagnosis; Example of which Kubler-Ross’s five stages of dying
men over age 75
Local officials try to prevent future dioxides by concentrating their efforts on those most likely to commit suicide.
a medical power of attorney
sign documents giving George’s wife the legal authority to make decisions about George’s care
terror management theory, death is a cause for
the dying person lives much longer than anticipated
anticipatory grief can be beneficial, UNLESS
bereavement overload
depression is especially likely in cases that involve
when the ill person neglects his or her own needs
“submissive death” refers to which of the following
Kubler-Ross, the stage of adjustment to dying in which the person searches for a more promising diagnosis
Ill patient keeps saying “This can’t be happening to me.”
in US, active euthanasia is considered to be
submissive death
suicide that occurs when one simply gives up and allows oneself to die
that death is a right to be exercised at an individual’s discretion
core concept in the “right to die”
chronic grief
failure to ever recover from a loss
help terminally ill patients live their final days as fully and independently as possible
goal of hospice
older men
greatest number of suicides occurs among
the home
up until the middle of the 20th century, in the US death usually occurred in
doctors and nurses provided better and more attentive care m, but only after a terminal diagnoses was certain
Kubler-Ross began her research on death and dying in the 1960s, she commonly observed all of the following except
first hospice established
hospice care originated in the late 1800s in New Emgland
NOT true regarding hospice care
denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
five stages of death and dying described by Kubler-Ross in correct order

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