Chapter 17 Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

Integrated Marketing Communications- holistic approach to marketing communication, aims to ensure consistency of message and the complementary use of media
Marketing Communication
message that deals with buyer-seller relationships from media, tv, magazines, and the internet
IMC Strategies:
1. customer is at heart
2. begins not with the organization goods and services but with the consumers wants and needs and then works in reverse to the product, brand or org
3. sends receiver focused rather than product focused
The Communication Process
1. gains the receivers attention
2. achieves understanding by both receivers and the sender
3. stimulates the receivers needs and suggests an appropriate method of satisfying them
A- Attention-promo message must gain attention
I- Interest- must arouse interest
D- Desire- stimulates a want/convinces the consumer they want it
A- Action attempts to produce an action in form of a purchase
Promo Obj.
1. provide info
2. increase demand
3. differentiate a product
4. accentuate a products value
5. stabilize sales
Elements of the Promo Mix
Personal selling, non personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations/publicity, guerilla marketing
product placement
the marketer pays a motion picture/tv show a fee to display their product prominently in the film
personal selling
oldest form of promo
sellers promo conducted on a person to person basis with the buyer
direct form of promotion
non personal selling
advertising and sales promotions, not face to face
any paid non personal communication message
sales promotion
marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising, and pr that stimulate consumer purchasing; coupons
direct marketing
direct communication to a consumer/business designed to generate a response in form of an order, a request for further info or a visit to a place of business to purchase goods; junk mail
Public Relations. Publicity
firms communications and relationships with its various publics
publicity- non personal stimulation of demand for a good, service, person, cause or org. through unpaid placement
guerilla marketing
used by marketers whose firms are undefended, the obj. of g mrkting is to create a unique, engaging and thought provoking concept to generate buzz and consequently turn viral
pull policy
when a product is consumer driven or pushed into a store
product=so pop. consumers request it
push policy
manufacturers push a product to the retailers for sale
get it out there for consumers even if their not demanding it
when an org. provides cash/in kind(other than cash) resources to an event or an activity in exchange for a direct association with that event/activity
ambush marketing
a firm is not an official sponsor but they try to link itself to a major event such as the olympics
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