Chapter 17 MKT 250

integrated marketing communications.
Personal selling, advertising, public relations and direct marketing are all part of
encoded; the firm; decoded; consumer
In the IMC communication process model, the message is _____ by ____ _____, and is ______ by the _______.
The steps in the AIDA model include awareness, action, interest, and
gain the attention of the consumer.
The first goal of a marketing communication is to
For any communications campaign to succeed, the firm must deliver the right _______ to the right audience through the right media.
direct marketing
Mobile marketing through tablets and smart phones is a form of
social media.
When customers use the Internet to interact among themselves, sharing their thoughts and evaluations about a firm’s products, they are engaged in
rule-of-thumb methods
Comparative parity, percentage-of-sales, and available budget are all _______ used to set budg
search engine marketing
To reach out to new customers using the Internet, some marketers use _____ to ensure that customers searching for the firm’s products have every opportunity to find them.
gross rating points
When measuring success of integrated marketing communication programs, _____ refers to the percentage of the target population exposed to a specific marketing communication.

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