Chapter 17 #Final Exam

What was the Renaissance a rebirth of?
Art and learning

The study of classical texts caused humanists to focus on what subject?
Human potential and achievements

For what is the Medici family famous
Being rulers and supporters of the arts

What were Desiderius Erasmus and Thomas Moore
Christian humanists

What was the first full sized book Gutenberg printed?
The Bible

In what way did Leonardo da Vinci represent the Renaissance Maan?
He was a painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist

Luther protested the practice of selling indulgences. What was the practice?
The clergy sold pardons pardons that released people from performing penalties for their sins

Who declared himself the head of the English Church?
Henry VII

What was one of John Calvin’s major teachings?

Who was the important Catholic Reformer who founded the Jesuit order?
Ignatius of Loyola

What kind of person represented the ideal of the “Renaissance Man”?
Someone who excelled in many areas

How did Italy’s location help it become the birthplace of the Renaissance?
ITaly had access to Roman ruins and ancient manuscripts from Constantinople

What was an important effect of the invention of the printing press?
It increased literacy and the use of the vernacular

Why was block printing more useful in Europe than in China?
European languages had a smaller number of characters than chinese

Which of the following was a major reason for the reformation
Northern merchants resented paying taxes to the Church in Rome

Which of the following was one of Luther’s main beliefs?
All people of faith were equal

What was the main reason for Henry VIII’s split with the Roman Catholic Church?
HIs desire for a male heir

Which of the following was agreed upon at the Council of Trent?
The Church’s interpretation of the Bible was final

The Peace of Augsburg ended the war between the supporters of which two groups?
Catholic and Protestant GErman princes

Which idea of Luther’s most influenced John Calvin?
Humans cannot earn a place in heaven

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