Chapter 16 Review Questions: Retailing and Multichannel Marketing

the set of business activities that add value to products and services sold to consumers for their personal or family use; includes products bought at stores, through catalogs, and over the Internet, as well as services like fast-food restaurants, airlines and hotels
multichannel strategy
selling in more than one channel (e.g., stores, Internet, catalog)
distribution intensity
the number of channel members to use at each level of the marketing channel
exclusive distribution
strategy in which only selected retailers can sell a manufacturer’s brand
exclusive co-brand
developed by national brand vendors and retailers and sold only by that retailer
refers to retail shops that are located in a building
mobile commerce (m-commerce)
communicating with or selling to consumers through wireless handheld devices such as cellular phones
cooperative (co-op) advertising
an agreement between a manufacturer and retailer in which the manufacturer agrees to defray some advertising cost
share of wallet
the percentage of the customer’s purchases made from a particular retailer
intensive distribution
a strategy designed to get products into as many outlets as possible (ex: Pepsi, Kraft, Proctor & Gamble)

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