chapter 16

Term Definition
caravel a light fast sailing ship w/ rubber & lateen sails
henry the navigator son of king john the first of portugal
vas da gama portuguese explorer who traveled to calicut
christopher columbus italian sailor who traveled west to reach china
ferdinand magellan first explorer to attempt the circumnagigate the globe
circumnavigate travel completely around the world
sir francis duke english explorer
henry hudson dutch sailor who looked unsuccessfully for the northwest passage
encomienda spanish system in which a colonist received land and native american workers to whom he was required to reach christanity
hernan cortes spanish explorer and conqueror of mexicos aztec
conquistador spanish term for conqueror
moctezuma the 2nd aztec emperor at the time of cortes's conquest for the spanish
francisco pizarro conqueror at the time of the inca empire in peru for the spanish
atahualpa ruler of the inca empire killed by the spanish
viceroys officials who ruled large areas of spains american colonies
bartolome de las casas spanish priest who criticized treatment of native americans
treaty of tordesillas treaty signed in 1493 dividing the americas
columbian exchange the exchange of plants animals and diseases due to contact between the people of europe
mercantilism the european economic policy
balance of trade the amount of goods sold by a country
subsides grants of money given by the government
capitalism economic system in which private individuals rather than governments perform most of the economic activity
joint stock company a company in whichinvestors buy shares of stock
plantation estates in the americas where cash crops were grown on a large scale
triangular trade trading network that brought goods from europe to american goods back to europe
middle passage name for the second leg of a triangle
olaudah equiano african who wrote about horrific conditions africans endured
african diaspora the spread of people of african descent throughtout the americas

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