Chapter 16

Question Answer
The lymphatic system arises in the tissues and extends towards the Heart
The longest lymphatic vessel of the body Thoracic duct
The thoracic duct empties it's contents into a vein known as the Left subclavian vein
The thoracic duct drains the left side of the head and chest and the entire body below the Diaphragm
Lymph is filtered in masses of tissue known as Lymph nodes
In the process of the immune response the lymph node serve as the sites for production of Antibodies
In the neck tissue the lymph nodes are known as the Cervical lymph nodes
Those lymph nodes located in the armpits are called Axillary lymph nodes
Lymph nodes may be found in the popliteal fossa which is located behind the Knee
Aggregates of lymph nodes tissues located behind the epithelial lining of the oral cavity are called Tonsils
The thymus is located in the body in a cavity called the Thoracic cavity
The spleen is located in the upper portion of a cavity called Abdominal cavity
The spleen is the organ in the body word destruction occurs of Red blood cells
Lymph consists of fluid derived from Interstital fluid
An accumulation of tissue fluid in the spaces between the cells is a condition called Edema
Those substances capable of stimulating the immune system are known as Antigens

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