Chapter 15: Marketing Research

Frequency Distribution
A mathematical distribution whose objective is to obtain a count of the number of responses associated with different values of one variable and to express these counts on percentage terms with one variable considered at a times
Measures of Location
A statistic that describes a location within a data set. Measures of central tendency describe the center of the distribution
The average; that value obtained by summing all elements in a set and dividing by the number of elements
A measure of central tendency given as the value that occurs the most in a sample distribution
A measure of central tendency given as the value above which half of the values fall
Measures of Variability
A statistic that indicates the distribution’s dispersion
The difference between the largest and smallest values of a distribution
Interquartile Range
The range of a distribution encompassing the middle 50 percent of the observations
The mean squared deviation of all the values from the mean
Standard Deviation
Square root of the variance
Coefficient of Variation
A useful expression in sampling theory for the standard deviation as a percentage of the mean
A characteristic of a distribution that assesses its symmetry about the mean
A measure of the relative peakedness of flatness of the curve defined by the frequency distribution
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