Chapter 13 MKTG 199

Farmville is an example of:

A.) Social media

B.) A branded social network

C.) A social network game

D.) A location based app

E.) A mobile website

Why do some location based social networks include game mechanics in their features?

A.) To provide incentive for brand participation.

B.) To increase user engagement.

C.) To compete with other location based social networks.

D.) To encourage people to share a particular location based service with friends.

E.) To compete with online social games.

Location based offers are not an effective way to drive new customers to a business.

True or False

What is one of the trends forecast for mobile computing?

A.) The ability of phones to track a person’s daily routine and serve them relevant ads.

B.) Mobile adoption rates will level off.

C.) Consumers will shift entirely to mobile devices at the cost of traditional computers.

D.) Mobile technology will continue to develop, and mobile phones will become smaller, faster and capable of more storage.

E.) Mobile is a fad that is fading.

What is the most popular form of marketing on location based social networks?

A.) Branded badges

B.) Branded sponsored mayorships

C.) Coupons, deals and discounts

D.) Social games

E.) Exclusive offers

The main location based networks are Google and Facebook.

True or False

An example of a smartphone operating system is:

A.) iTunes

B.) Symbian


D.) Google


Why was the Dunkin’ Run app considered successful?

A.) Dunkin’ Donut was one of the first to use the mobile space for marketing.

B.) Dunkin’ Donuts audience has a high rate of smartphone adoption.

C.) It was creative.

D.) It served a consumer need and wasn’t just about marketing.

E.) It included a social gaming element.

According to the text, Google expects mobile web traffic to surpass PC traffic by 2013.

True or False

Why are QR codes appealing to marketers?

A.) They can be used in-store or on a print advertisement

B.) They make a brand appear like an early adopter for using new mobile technology

C.) They allow a brand to link mobile computing to location-based marketing

D.) A mobile phone can scan them more easily than a bar code

E.) They create a gaming mechanism for mobile computing

The defining characteristic of a location based social network is:

A.) The gaming element.

B.) Users can share their location with friends.

C.) Users can earn badges.

D.) Users can receive discounts from brands.

E.) That it can only be accessed on a mobile phone.

A smartphone:

A.) Is basically a laptop on a much smaller scale.

B.) Is a handheld computer that allow users to synchronize files with computers.

C.) Provides wireless voice communications and SMS/text messages.

D.) Combines the elements of a PDA and a cell phone.

E.) Is a version of a tablet PC.

The marketing opportunities using location based social networks are best for those companies with physical locations.

True or False

The two key opportunities for marketers to leverage mobile as part of a social media marketing strategy are mobile websites and location based social networks.

True or False

What is the impact of the growth of smartphones?

A.) More people are accessing email with mobile devices

B.) More people are taking photos and video with mobile devices

C.) More people are playing video games with mobile devices

D.) More people are downloading music with mobile devices

E.) More people are accessing social networks with mobile devices

The voice and text message tools found on cell phones are examples of one to one communication.

True or False

Reading a QR code on a smartphone requires a QR code reader application

True or False

One of the challenges a branded mobile social network faces is:

A.) It needs a strong customer service strategy.

B.) It needs to be developed for multiple operating systems.

C.) It is difficult for consumers to find.

D.) Knowing how much of a brand’s audience use smartphones.

E.)It is difficult to build personas into an app’s functionality.

Why are location based social networks such a growth opportunity for marketers?

A.) Brands have more interesting marketing opportunities with location based social networks.

B.) Users have a higher level of engagement with location based social networks than other social networks.

C.) They show a high level of adoption already, indicating that growth will continue as smartphone adoption increases.

D.) Location based social networks have more detailed measurement tools.

E.) There are more location based social networks available than other social networks.

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