Chapter 12 Quiz Review

promotion mix
needs to be coordinated with other parts of the marketing mix
examples of sales promotion
discounts displays demonstrations and coupons
if a company is working on its promotion mix
it is hiring a team to focus on advertising and PR, training employees to sell products directly to consumers and incorporates discounts and sales into budgets to encourage product sales
personal selling
attending trade shows and setting up sales presentations to gain a wider share in the market
public relations
dependent on image of company
the nature of promotion mix can be most effected by
changes in communication technology and communication strategies
pull strategy
marketing activities are directed primarily towards consumers
integrated marketing communications
focusing on blending a mix of personal selling, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, and public relations to push products
brand content manager
believes in advertising through tv commercials, embracing social media and consumer generated marketing, also works to successfully create a fluid mix of paid, owned, earned and shared communication channels
push strategy
mix of personal selling and trade promotions
shows how a specific product falls in line with the way a particular set of people choose to live
percentage of sales method
involves setting advertising budget at a portion of projected sales or a portion of the unit sales price
concerned with building and maintaining relationships with legislators and government officials to influence legislation and regulation
consumer expressions
measurement of how many times consumers mentions a specific store name or product, post videos of its advertisements or “likes” an article about the store or mention of the store
advertising appeal
it must be distinctive from other advertisments
advantage of PR over advertising
PR is more cost effective
corporate identitiy materials
creating various products with the companies logo on it such as book bags, notebooks, binders, book covers, driving cars with the logo painted on it
PR = marketing step child
because of its limited and scattered use

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