Chapter 12 and Grassroots marketing

new media
refers to communications that are generated by electronic means or through recent technological platforms
media refers to communication with the general public by organizations such as broadcasters, print newspapers, magazines, radio stations
new media is accessible in real-time
new media sport marketing is targeted and
new media shouldn’t be transferred from one digital technology to the next and from one digital format to the next due to a computer virus
something which is _____ is composed of units that conform to a regular standard, and can stand alone in functionality or combine with other modules to provide new functionality
sticky branding
occurs when new media sport marketing ideas take hold in consumers’
network communication
is based on the idea that instead of telling consumers about products it is more productive to get consumers to talk to each other about them
business to consumer (B2C) marketing is more powerful than consumer to consumer marketing (C2C)
refers to the use of new media marketing to fulfill the need to ‘belong’, which in turn fosters the development of identity inclusive communication
in new media sport marketing refers to the effectiveness of communicating with consumers who have consented to receive customized messages
grass roots marketing
to market your company, product or services on a local and on a personal level, the uses people to spread the word so the campaign spreads through contact and dialogue is known as
another name for grass roots marketing is “live marketing”
instead of launching a message you hope will appeal to few people, you target your efforts to a large group and hope the group will spread your message to an even larger audience
grassroots marketing often uses unconventional or nontraditional methods, often costs less than more conventional marketing efforts, but can produce big results
when grassroots marketing makes
you have a strong core of dedicated fans. you have a limited marketing budget. you have to reach a small, niche audience
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