Chapter 11 Knowledge Management

Consist of raw facts, such as an employee number, number of hours worked in a week, inventory part numbers, or sales orders.
A collection of facts organized so that they have additional value beyond the value of the facts themselves.
The awareness and understanding of a set of information and the ways that information can be made useful for support a specific task or reach a decision.
Knowledge Management System
An organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices used to create, store, share, and use the organization’s knowledge and experience.
Explicit Knowledge
Is objective and can be measured and documented in reports, papers, and rules.
Tacit Knowledge
Is hard to measure and document and typically is not objective or formalized.
Chief Knowledge Officer
A top-level executive who helps the organization work with a KMS to create, store, and use knowledge to achieve organizational goals.
Artificial Intelligence Systems
People, procedures, hardware, software, data, and knowledge needed to develop computer systems and machines that demonstrate the characteristics of intelligence.
Perceptive System
A system that approximates the way a person sees, hears, and feels objects.
Expert Systems
Consists of hardware and software that stores knowledge and makes inferences, similar to those of a human expert.
Mechanical or computer devices that perform tasks requiring a high degree of precision or that are tedious or hazardous for humans .
Vision Systems
The hardware and software that permit computers to capture, store, and manipulate visual images.
Natural Language Processing
Processing that allows a computer to understand and react to statements and commands made in a “natural” language such as English.
Learning Systems
A combination of software and hardware that allows a computer to change how it functions or how it reacts to situations based on feedback it receives.
Neural Network
A computer system that can act like or simulate the functioning of a human brain.
Intelligent Agent
Programs and a knowledge base used to perform a specific task for a person, a process, or another program.

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