Chapter 11

Chemical Equation
a representation of a chemical reaction; the formulas reactants (on the left) are connected by an arrow with the formulas of the products (on the right)
Skeleton Equation
a chemical equation that does not indicate the relative amounts of the reactants and products.
a substance that speed up the reaction but is not used up in the reaction
small whole numbers that are placed in front of the formulas in an equation in order to balance it.
Balanced Equation
Each side of the equation has the same number of atoms of each element and mass is conserved.
Combination Reaction
A chemical change in which two or more substances react to form a single new substance.
Decomposition Reaction
a chemical change in which a single compound breaks down into two or more simpler products.
Single-Replacement Reaction
a chemical change in which one element replaces a second element in a compound.
Combustion Reaction
A chemical change in which an element or compound reacts with oxygen, often producing energy in the form of heat and light.
Double-Replacement Reaction
is a chemical change involving an exchange of positive ions between two compounds.
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