Chapter 11-15

(T/F) Unlike transporting, storing is not part of the physical distribution of products.
(T/F) it is necassary for nonprofit, government institutions, and people to make themselves to spread awareness and achieve desired outcome.
__________is the best described as a group of activities designed to expedite transactions by creating, pricing, and goods, services, and ideas.
Which of the following has most likely taken place when a customer at a bakery hands a cashier $5 for loaf of bread
A customers subjective assessment of benefits relative to costs in determining the worth of a product is known as __________.
__________is the best description as a group of people who have a need, purchasing power, and the desire and authority to spend money on goods, services and ideas.
Niche market approaches
They sell a product that is in need.
In __________ marketing, all marketing efforts are on one small, narrow, well-defined market segment that has a unique, specific set of needs
Which of the following is NOT one of the four marketing activities of the marketing mix.
Reference group
Each time David wants to change his cell phone, he surveys the opinions of his colleagues and friends which phone to buy. This, Davids colleagues and friends are his __________.
What is including in the marketing mix?
(T/F) A majority of products introduced in the market every year succeed and become popular.
(T/F) new product ideas can come from customers.
(T/F) The interns is not a valid advertising medium.
Test marketing
A new product in the medwest strategy before offering the product across the country, it is in the __________ strategy of the product development processes.
Convenience product
A gallon of milk is an example of?
7-up product line
7-up, cherry 7-up antioxidant, and diet 7-up are products in Dr. Pepper Snapple group?
Due to the fact that buyers have limited __________, buyers must allocate those resources to obtain the products they desire the most.
Penetration pricing
When a company sets a low price for a new product to discourage competition from entering the market, is is using __________ strategy.
Price syc
__________ encourages consumers to make purchases based on emotion, rather than rational considerations about price.
Ari transport
Which of the following modes transportation offers speed and a high degree of dependability but is the most expensive?
Draw and label the product life cycle
Alexis purchases a tablet PC through an online retail store
Which of the following senarios makes a reference to E-Business?
It can also improve communications within the between businesses
Which of the following statements is true about digital media in the context of business
Digital media has increased the opportunities for word-of-mouth marketing
Which of the following statements is true about the impact of digital media in the marketing mix?
(T/F) accounting is the recording, measurement, and interpretation of financial information.
(T/F) liabilities are debts a firm owes to others.
(T/F) income statements show revenue, expenses, and income over a period of time.
Accounting receivable brewers to money owned the company by its clients or customers who have promised to pay for the products at a later.
Recording, measuring, and interpreting financial data.
Accounting refers to a process of?
Certified public accounting
CPA stands for?
A bank loan.
All of the following represent assets EXCEPT?
Earnings after all taxes and other expenses are paid.
Net income is?
To be used as a medium of exchange, money must be all of the following EXCEPT?
Which of the following characteristics of money refers to the ability of dollar bill to be hundreds of times without significant wear and tear?
Duplicate illegally
Money must be very difficult to counterfeits; it means that is should be hard to?
Credit cards
Allows a cardholders to pay for transactions at a later date.
Have to pay interest on the unpaid amount
If consumers do not pay off their entire credit card balance, they will?
Looks like a credit card but works like a check
A debit card?
Insurance companies protect their clients against financial losses from certain specified risks in exchange for a free, called a(n)__________?
Online banking services
__________ allow consumers to perform an every-widening array of financial transactions from their personal or work computers.
(T/F) credit cards have become an increasingly popular substitute for the money because of their convenience and acceptance by merchants around the world.
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