Chapter 10 Food Service and Mtg management in a limited service hotel TERMS and NOTES

A la carte (menu)
A menu that lists its dishes separately and individually priced
A large open central space used by some hotels for registration, lobby, retail sales, and food services among other purposes
Lobby food services
Food service offered in a limited service hotel’s atrium or lobby area
continental breakfast
a simple breakfast consisting of fruit juice or fruit, coffee, toast, or pastries
Deluxe hot breakfast
a breakfast with hot food choices offered by a limited service hotel
manager’s reception
a time usually during the late afternoon/early evening, when complimentary F&B are offered to guests of limited service properties
finger foods
small sandwiches, salty snacks, sliced vegetables, cubed cheese, and other foods that do not require flatware or other items for guest consumption
signature item
food or beverage products by a hospitality operation that are unique to the property and that the general public associates with
Food cost per guest (limited service hotels)
the average amount expended for breakfast for each guest served. Food Cost per guest is calculated as: Total Breakfast food cost/number of guests served = food cost per guest
Accrual accounting system
An accounting system that matches expenses incurred with revenues generated. In an accrual system, revenue is considered to be earned when the products, labor, and other costs are expended to generate revenue, not when the expenses are paid
Cash accounting system
An accounting system that considers revenue to be earned when it is received and expenses to be incurred when they are paid
Centralized purchasing
A purchasing system in which participating properties develop common purchase requirements and combine purchase quantities.
– suppliers frequently lower the price per purchase unit as the quantities of items to be purchased increase
Par inventory system
A system managing purchasing and inventory levels based upon the requirement that a specified quantity of product be available in inventory.
– if a par of five cases of disposable coffee cups is est. the quantity necessary to bring the inventory level back to five case is ordered whenever coffee cups are purchased
Receiving (food service)
The point at which ownership of products being purchased transfers from the seller (supplier) to the hospitality operation
Delivery invoice
A statement from the supplier that accompanies product delivery and provide information to est the amount of money due to the supplier
– info includes the name of the product, quantity, and price and must be signed by a hotel representative to confirm that the products were delivered
Last call
Notice given to guest that service will end at a specified time
– guests in a hotel bar may be notified 20 min before closing time that last drink orders must be placed and guest in a lobby breakfast service may be informed that service will end in 10 minutes
Third party liability
A legal concept that can hold the provider of alcoholic beverages responsible for the acts of those who have consumed the alcohol.
– dram shop legislation

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