Chapter 10 A/P

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Two organs that make up nervous system Spinal cord and brain
Central nervous system Brain and spinal cord
Peripheral nervous system Makes up All other nerves Outside of the central nervous system
Nerves are Responsible for Any sensation Detects changes Initiates a response to change like a something hot
Nerve cell Is a neuron
Cell body Stores the nucleus of nerve cell
Dendrites Deliver sensory information to the cell body Branches of the cell body that picks up sensory formation
Axon Takes information from the cell body There's is only one axon
Myelin Outer coverage of the axon protects axon from Short circuiting Multiple sclerosis
Glia cells Support cells to the organ system
3 types of glia cells Astrocutes, microglia, oligodendrocyte
Astrocytes Star like cell Has foot extensions to attach to capillaries Responsible component for the blood brAin barrier in the brain were medication or molecule can't pass thru to brain
Microglia Responsible for eating things in the nervous system
Oligodendrocyte Cells Responsible for creating myelin in the central nervous only in brain and spinal cord
Schwann cells Make myelin in the Peripheral nervous system
Multiple sclerosis Loss of myelin in the nervous system
What's it's called when the myelin is destroyed Demyelination axon
Neuroma Tumors in nervous system
Multiple neurofibromatosis Inherited disease Multiple benign tumors throughout the body
Sensory neurons (afferent neurons) Impulsing information to the spinal cord and brain
Motor neurons (efferent neurons) Impulses that the Brain and spinal cord receives and sends out to the muscles or glands
Interneurons Between stop for impulses
Makes up the white matter in the brain Information will be given fast Lipids or fats Outside of the spinal cord Inside of the brain
Grey matter Inside of the spinal cord Outside of the brain
Ciatoc nerve Longest nerve the body
Reflex Involuntary movement When a receptor is hit and causes reflex Body or brain doesn't think just happens
Patellar ligament in knee Ligament in knee to test reflex
Synapse Information sent from one neuron to another transmitting information and continues on in a cycle Like fire works
Neuro transmitter Transmit information Pass Thur the synapse Dopamine
Synaptic cleft Open space were synapse takes space
Post synapse neuron After the first synapse happens
Brainstem Located at base of the brain Made up of three parts Medulla , pons, midbrain
Medulla Regulates your vital functions A continuation of the spinal cord
Pons Bridge that functions for the medulla
Midbrain Visual reflexesAuditory reflexesAnd lighting
Cerebellum Second largest part of the human brain its posterior to the medulla Regulates coordination of voluntary movement BalancingAlcohol has a large effect of cerebellum
Diencephalon Contains hypothalamus, thalamus It Makes us who we are. It's shaped like a dump bell
Hypothalamus Produces hormones, growth hormone, regulates body temperature, let you know if your hungry
Thalamus Census Area of the brain that helps us stay mentally alert Memory
Cerebrum or cerebrum cortex Largest part of the brain Looks like a brain Has a few Lobes
Frontal lobe Responsible for judgement and decisions making Not fully developed until after adolescent
Peritatal lobe Responsible for our awareness Ability to know our surroundings and were we are Located in crown of our head
Temperol lobe Responsible for hearing Smell
Occipital lobe Responsible for vision
Alzheimer's disease Dementia
Huntington disease Inferred disorder characteristic by chorea
Cva Stroke 2 types hemorrhage or or cessation
CP Cerebral palsy
Acending pathways up spinal cord Sensory
Defending pathways spinal cord Motor
Dopamine Used in Parkinson's disease
White matter
Inside of spinal cord Grey matter
Cerebral palsy Effects motor
How many cervical nerves 8
How many lumbar nerves 5 nerves
Sacral nerves 5 nerves
Coccygeal nerve 1 nerve
Pia mater Covers the spinal cord and brain
Arachnoid mater Sits on top of pia mater
Dura mater Toughest membrane Outer lever sits on top arachnoid
Cerebral spinal fluid Fluid in spinal cord Between pia mater and arachnoid
Ventricles Were cerebrospinal fluid stores
Coral plexus Were fluid is made
Lateral ventricle First place of fluid
Intraventricular foreman 2 place for fluid
Third ventricle Third space of fluid
Cerebral aqueduct Before you get into the fourth ventricle
Multiple sclerosis Myelin sheath starts to decay and it interrupts nerve impulses and it's replaced by plaque and scare tissue
12 cranial nerves
Olfactory nerve Nerve l Sense smell
Optical nerve nerve ll Vision
Oculomotor nerve nerve cell Eye
Trochlear Taste my facial expr
Eyes to constrict and dilate
Trochlear nerve
Movement of the eye
Trigeminal nerve Sensation around face, your teeth, and scalp , chew
Abducens nerve Eye muscles
Facial nerve Number Vll Saging face Making Silvia and tears Sense of taste
Vestibulocochlear nerve VlllAcoustic nerve Hearing balance EarInner ear
Glossopharyngeal number lX Movement of tongue Swallowing Gag reflex
Vagus nerve Number X Most important nerveTravels to your abdominal Heart Lungs Digestive system Urinary
Spinal Accessory nerve number Xl Head Neck Shoulders
Hypoglossal nerve number Xll Tongue movement When stick out tongue and it's deviated to one side
Dermatome Spinal nerves supply to the skin Painful rash
Shingles Reactivated chicken pox
Sympathetic nervous system When your body feels like it's in danger Flight or flight Angry or scared You become more alert increased alertness
Parasympathetic nervous system Relaxing calming stage of the body.
Somatic nervous system Voluntary muscular movement
Neuritis Inflammation of the nerve
Neuralgia Nerve pain
Trigeminal neuralgia Stabbing pain face
Bell palsy Paralysis of facial features
Madura Vital center of brain
Afferent nerve Sensory
Efferent Motor
Brsinstem has three parts Medulla Pons Midbrain
Medulla Regulates vitals and reflexes of coughing sneezing and swallowing and vomiting
Pons Contains respiratory centers
Midbrain Visual reflexes auditory
How many thoracic nerves
How many cranial nerves
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