Chapter 1 vocab test Ch.1vocab test

Term Definition
community a place where people live, work and play together
citizen a person who lives in and belongs to a community
culture a way of life shared by members of a group
business an activity in which workers make or sell goods or do work for others
museum a place that keeps and displays objects from other places and times
law a rule that a community makes
government a group of people who make laws for a community
climate weather that a place has over a long period of time
desert an area with a hot, dry climate
landform a physical feature such as a mountain, valley, plain, or hill
goods something that can be bought or sold
service work that someone does for someone else
bank a business that keeps money safe
nation an area of land with its own people and laws. Another name for a country.
communication the sharing of information
reference work a source of facts
Internet a system that links computers around the world
historical society an organization of people who are interested in the history of their community
ancestor someone in a person's family who lived long ago
heritage a set of values and traditions handed down from those who lived earlier
historic site a place that is important in history

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